16 Simple Tips To Help You Get Back To Work After Maternity Leave

Get Back To Work After Maternity Leave

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You never thought that going back to work would be this difficult, did you? Now that the time approaches, you are filled with dread and apprehension. You are not alone. The very thought of leaving their little one behind can fill new mothers with anxiety.

A little bit of this overwhelming emotion can be due to the crashing pregnancy hormones in your body. But you can thank your momma instinct as the primary reason for why you feel so low. But you can go back to work after maternity leave without getting a panic attack! Sounds improbable? Try the tips we have listed for you here and make the transition easier – both for you and for your little one!

Here are the tips to make your returning to work after maternity leave easier:

1. Find Trustworthy Childcare:

This is the big one. You can start on it even before your child is born. Finding childcare you can trust is half the battle won. If you have a family member to look after your baby, you are lucky. If not, look for a day

care. Do your research and check out the daycare before you put your trust in them. If you can afford it, try a nanny. Don’t forget to check references.

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2. Make Breastfeeding Plans:

If you are considering breastfeeding after returning to work from maternity leave, tell your employers. You’ll need a clean area for breast pumping. And start practicing a week or two before you go back to work so that you can get your baby on a new breastfeeding schedule.

3. Stock Up:

Before you head back to work, make sure to stock up on a few essentials! Here’s all you’ll need:

  • A Breast Pump: You’ll need a good breast pump! So, do your research and pick one that you are most comfortable with. And don’t forget to buy a nice bag to carry your pump!
  • Nursing Pads: You have a few already? Well, pick a few more! When you are out working, the last thing you need is a breast milk stained dress!

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  • Your Baby’s Photo: There is one thing we can assure you about going back to work – you’ll miss your baby, A LOT! So, you can carry your baby’s picture with you to work. You can take a framed photo and give it a place of honor at your desk. Or if you don’t want a constant reminder, just keep one in your computer!
  • Healthy Snacks: When you are at home with your baby, the pantry and fridge are always around. So whenever you want to snack on something, you can easily do so. That will change when you go back to work. When you are hopping from meeting to meeting, it is very easy to forget about eating healthily. That is why you need to stock up on healthy snacks.

4. Ask For Flexibility:

Talk to your employer before returning from maternity leave. You can do this before you give birth too. If possible, ask for flexible timings, work-from-home options, or working part time.

5. Set A Date:

If possible, go back to work in the middle of the week. A shorter workweek will be a great way to ease back into work.

6. Priorities:

Make a to-do list, according to their priority. If something can be done later, put it on the backburner.

7. Learn To Say No:

When it comes to setting priorities and boundaries, you need to say No many times. Make it a habit. It will come handy when your child throws a tantrum as a toddler!

7. Don’t Change Childcare:

Try and stick with a childcare provider. It takes time for your baby to adjust to someone new. So, don’t force her to bond with a new person every month or so. It is also important that you develop a good relation with your childcare provider. Keep discussing your baby and ask about her progress.

8. Give Your Baby Quality Time:

Started going back to work after maternity leave, don’t take work home, if you can. The time you are home, devote it to your baby. Everything else can wait.

9. Have A Plan B:

Sometimes, the best-laid plans can unravel. It is possible that your baby falls ill and cannot make it to the day care. Or your nanny or family is ill and cannot look after your baby for a day. Have a backup plan for such situations. A friend, family, or a babysitter can be helpful.

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10. Work As A Team:

You and your partner are in this parenting thing together. So, work as a team. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, it will not make you any less of a mother.

11. Plan Your Menu:

Food is a huge issue for working moms. Do they spend the time home cooking or should they try bonding with their baby? The solution is a cooking plan. Maybe you can cook in bulk on Sundays and freeze them. If you can devote some time during the weekends to cooking, you will get ample time with your baby during weekdays. You can also swap cooking duty with your partner on certain days so that both of you can bond with the baby.