Why Do Babies Spit Up Through Their Nose?

Babies Spit Up Through Their Noses

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Are you feeling on top of the world every time you hold your precious darling in your arms? Does the care of your little one leave you anxious, apprehensive and tired? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a must for you!

If you are a first-time parent, the smallest of things can leave you anxious. Do you hit the panic button when you see your baby spit up through nose? Fret not!

Read the article to find out why babies spit up through nose, if spitting up is normal in babies and learn some handy tips to tackle it. Want to know more! Check out this post!

What Is Spitting Up?

You need not worry or rush to a doctor if you find your baby spitting up through nose. The nose connects to the back part of the throat. In infants, the valve between the stomach and esophagus is still developing. So, when your baby’s tummy is full, activities like swallowing air can make him throw up a little food. Such an incident may take place when the baby is betwee

n 6 and 12 months old. Even after your baby’s first birthday, you may sometimes see liquids ooze from his nose. It indicates your baby is still not adept at swallowing. Remember, that even adults throw up liquid through their nose at times, especially if they laugh while drinking.

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When To Seek Medical Help?

Babies spitting up through nose occasionally is normal, and it does not require medical intervention. Seek a doctor’s opinion only in the following cases:

If the spit contains bile or blood If the spitting leads to choking or intermittent cough If the spitting up persists even after your baby is a year old If you find your baby has frequent trouble in swallowing foods.

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Side Effects Of Spitting Up:

In most cases, the incident of a baby spitting up milk through nose does not lead to serious health complications. However, if the baby keeps spitting up large amounts of liquid, it can lead to a nutritional deficit eventually. The pediatrician may recommend medications to reduce the occurrences.

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Tips To Curb Spitting Up:

Regular instances of spitting up through the nose do not pose serious health risk to the infant except the fact that it irritates the nose. You cannot stop it altogether, but you can certainly take a few measures to cut down its frequency.

  • To ensure your baby does not spit up often through the nose, you can stop over feeding him. In fact, feed him only when he is hungry.
  • While feeding the baby, it would be helpful if you hold him in an upright posture.
  • If you are feeding the baby using a feeding bottle, make sure it does not pour a lot of milk or liquid into your baby’s mouth. He may face difficulty swallowing food or liquid quickly and end up spitting through his nose. You may even try feeding the baby a little at intervals.

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Hope you like our post on why babies spit up through nose. Do not worry if your child spits up through the nose once or twice. Just regulate the quantities you feed him and ensure you burp him after every meal. If these tips do not help and the spitting up does not cease, consult the doctor immediately!

If your baby would spit up frequently, tell us how you curbed such instances. Share your experience and advice in the comments box.

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