5 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Heat Rash In Babies

heat rash in babies

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Heat rash (“Miliaria rubra” in scientific terms) is commonly known as prickly heat. Despite your care, your child can still develop heat rash, which may lead to discomfort and irritation. It is important for you to know how to treat baby prickly heat rash.

Blocked sweat glands are the main cause behind heat rashes in babies. Most rashes are harmless and will disappear on their own, so there is no need to worry.


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Heat Rash In Babies Or Infants:

It is common for your newborn to develop heat rash because his skin is quite sensitive and adapting to the changed environment.

  • Fever can also be one of the causes for these rashes.
  • It is commonly seen in infants who are dressed too warmly.
  • Climate change is a major factor for heat rash. Babies who have been moved from a cooler area to a hot and humid atmosphere are more susceptible.
  • The rashes will not be painful, but quite itchy and irritating for your baby.
  • Its stinging and prickling sensation can be distressing and sometimes can also be tender to touch.

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How To Identify Heat Rash?

Milia or heat rash is common in half of all the newborns. However, if your baby has got heat rash and seems unwell, you can meet your pediatrician to know the cause and immediate treatment.

  • When your baby develops the following symptoms, she probably is suffering from heat rash:
  • Bright red pimply rash on neck, near the edges of a diaper and in underarms.
  • These rashes are commonly seen in the folds of your baby’s skin or in parts of the body where clothes fit snugly.
  • If your baby has worn a cap, these rashes can also spread across the head’s skin and on the forehead.

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Causes Of Heat Rash In Babies:

Heavy or tight clothing is the main culprit behind heat rashes in babies. Your baby can develop these rashes from anything that cause heavy sweating, like sudden increase in temperature.

  • Your baby sweats to cool down the body temperature when it is hot and humid outside.
  • This sweating can cause blocked pores in the skin because the clothing is not allowing the sweat to evaporate.
  • Your baby’s sweat glands are not fully developed and these blocked skin pores lead to the development of heat rashes.

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How To Treat Heat Rash On Babies?

Generally, heat rashes vanish in a few days. You can try out the following remedies at home to relieve your baby from intense itching caused due to heat rash:

1. Remove Excess Clothes: Avoid layers and dress your baby in cotton. For a few hours, leave your baby without diaper. Synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester trap heat and do not let air pass through, so these clothing should be avoided.

2. Reduce Heat And Humidity: Shift your baby to a cooler place and put on fan during daytime. If the weather stays hot during nights too, place a fan in your baby’s room to circulate air. This will give relief to your baby from a hot and humid surrounding.

3. Calamine Lotion: Take calamine lotion in your hands and apply on your baby’s skin where rashes are seen. This is very useful when your baby’s skin is so irritated that cries on being touched or held.

4. Keep The Skin Cool: You can apply wet flannels over the inflamed skin. You can also give your baby a tepid bath and let air dry your baby’s skin instead of drying it from a towel. This will be helpful in healing the rashes.

5. Be Watchful:Keep an eye on your baby’s behavior during this time as you may need to warm your baby again as the body temperature drops.

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  • Generally, heat rash is not something to be worried about. Just keep indoors cool to prevent rashes and other complications caused due to this condition.
  • Take your baby to a pediatrician if the heat rashes have not healed in a few days of time as there can be some other reasons for skin rashes.
  • Always use lotions and ointments as per your doctor’s advice.

Hope this little guide on heat rashes helps you deal it effectively when and where occurs to your baby. Moms, share your thoughts and experiences on the same in the section below:

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