100 Cute And Exotic Names For Your Baby Girl

Cute And Exotic Names

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Do you like romantic French names or the melodic sound of Italian names? If you are looking for a baby girl name that is cute, yet exotic, then you must go through this post.

One of the biggest challenges for new parents is choosing a perfect name for their baby girl. The name will be her identity for life.

Check Out The top 100 cute and exotic girl names with meanings . Take a look!

1. Philomena:

Philomena is an earthy Greek name that enjoys popularity across the globe. The name Philomena means ‘Lover of Strength’.

2. Ingrid:

The exotic girl names is unique.The beautiful name Ingrid will lend a charisma to your child’s personality. It means “beautiful

3. Nova:

The Latin name Nova, just like the meaning of this name, gives a feel of newness. Nova is also an astronomical name for a star.

4. Milagros:

Don’t you think Milagros will make a unique name for your child? The Spanish name Milagros means ‘miracle’ and is perfect for your darling.

5. Diamonique:

Do you want a name for your child that will make her stand out in the crowd? Then the English name Diamonique is perfect for her. The name means ‘of high value’.

6. Angelika:

Here is a perfect name for your little angel- Angelika. Did you know that Angelica is by far the most popular form of the angelic name?

7. Claudia:

Claudia is an exotic name with a hint of ancient Roman splendor. Claudia was also the name of the wives of Nero and Pontius Pilate in Roman mythology.This exotic names for girls is perfect.

8. Serilda:

Do you want your daughter to be a strong woman? Then call her Serilda. It is a Teutonic name that means ‘a maiden in battle armor’.

9. Francoise:

The French name Francoise is the feminine form of the name Franciscus. Its again an exotic baby girls names. The name Francoise means ‘free’.

10. Antoinette:

The French name Antoinette is a feminine form of the name Anthony. The exotic name means ‘beyond praise’.

11. Maya:

The exotic, almost mystical name is hugely popular. It means ‘Daughter of Atlas’.

12. Elise:

Elise is an exotic name popular since the 19th century. It means ‘oath of God’.

13. Madeleine:

Madeleine is a perfect choice for parents who desire a French flair in their child’s name. Madeleine means ‘from the tower’.

14. Sofia:

If you are looking for an elegant name for your child, then Sofia must be your pick. The Argentinian name means ‘wise’.

15. Akila:

The Egyptian name Akila has become very popular in the recent years. It means ‘intelligent’.

16. Lilja:

Lilja is an exotic Icelandic name. It means ‘lily’.

17. Valdis:

If you want an uncommon name for your baby then the Norse name, Valdis may be a good choice for you.

18. Putri:

Putri is a common Indonesian name that may not work too well in the English speaking countries. Putri means ‘princess’.

19. Mumbi:

Are you looking for a name that is meaningful yet unique? Then Mumbi is the name for you. It means ‘mother of the people’.

20. Augustina:

Augustina is a contemporary and feminine form of the name Augusta. The name is perfect if you want a break from traditional names.

21. Zaliki:

Zaliki is an uncommon variation of the name Zuleika. It is a sensual name that means ‘well-born’.

22. Svana:

The Icelandic name means ‘swan’.The exotic female names is just right for all nature lovers.

23. Hamisi:

Hamisi is a pretty and uncommon Kenyan name meaning ‘born on Thursday’.

24. Kady:

The Irish name Kady is a variation of the name Katy. You can also keep Kady as a short form of the name Kadence.

25. Kiera:

Kiera is one of the most popular American names. You can also spell this name as Keira.

26. Tawney:

Color names ending with Y sound very stylish and cool. Tawney is an Irish name meaning ‘A green field’.

27. Corazon:

Here is another exotic name with a beautiful meaning. Corazon means ‘heart’.

28. Esperanza:

Esperanza is a classic Spanish name that came into the spotlight when the jazz singer Esperanza Spalding won the Grammy Awards. The name Esperanza means ‘hope’.

29. Lola:

The Spanish name Lola manages to look exotic without being over the top. It means ‘a strong lady’.

30. Raquel:

Raquel is an attractive Hebrew name, very popular in the Latino community. It means ‘innocent’.

31. Marisol:

Marisol is an excellent exotic choice. It is a great name for summer babies as it combines the elements of both the sun and the sea.

32. Agatha:

The Greek name Agatha came to England at the time of Norman Conquest. It means ‘a good woman’. This exotic girls names is beautiful.

33. Kalene:

Kalene is an exotic name that does not exist as an official name in any culture but is still widely popular. The name Kalene means ‘flower’.