50 Wonderful Names Inspired By Roman Mythology For Your Baby

Roman Mythology Names

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Roman mythology is rich in historical, religious and cultural stories. It is a part and parcel of its indigenous arts and literature. It has innumerable tales revolving around morality, augury, politics, and heroism. The Romans always treat their traditional narratives replete with supernatural elements as historical!

Baby names inspired by Roman mythology are climbing the popularity charts. The pantheon of Roman deities can provide you with an abundance of baby names. Here are the top 50 legendary Roman names for boys that have rich cultural connotations and are perfect for your precious little one.

Roman Names Inspired By Mythology For Boys and Girls:

1. Aeneas:

Aeneas is the Latin form of the Greek name Aineias. He is the protagonist of ‘Aeneid’, who travels to Italy and finds the Roman state.

2. Consus:

Consus was the Roman God of grain and harvest.

3. Aries:

Aries means ‘ram’ in Latin. According to Roman legends, the ram was the one who supplied the Golden Fleece s

ought by Jason in the constellation.

4. Romulus:

According to legend, Romulus was one of the founders of the city of Rome. The name Romulus means ‘Rome’ in Latin.

5. Amulius:

According to Roman mythology, Amulius overthrew his brother Numitor. Romulus and Remus eventually depose him.Definitely a unique roman baby boy name.

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6. Saturn:

Saturn was the father of Jupiter and Juno in Roman mythology. He was also the God of agriculture. Saturn is also the name of the sixth planet in the solar system.

7. Remus:

Remus was one of the founders of the city of Rome. Romulus later assassinated him.

8. Quirinus:

Quirnius was a Roman God. The name derives from the Sabine word quiris that means ‘a spear’.

9. Pollux:

In Roman mythology, Pollux was the twin brother of Castor and the son of Zeus. The name Pollux is the Greek form of Polydeukes, which means ‘sweet’.

10. Pluto:

Pluto is the Latinized form of the Greek name Ploutos, meaning ‘wealth’. In Roman mythology, Pluto was an alternate name for Hades, the God of the underworld. It is also the name of the smallest planet in the solar system.

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11. Numitor:

In Roman Mythology, Numitor was the king of Alba Longa and the father of Rhea Silvia. He was overthrown by his brother Amulius. His grandsons Remus and Romulus reinstated him back to power.

12. Janus:

Janus was the Roman God of beginnings and gateways. He has two faces that look in opposite directions. Janus means ‘archway’ in Latin.

13. Vulcan:

In the Roman mythology, Vulcan was the God of fire.

14. Tatius:

As per Roman mythology, Titus Tatis was a king of the Sabines.

15. Summanus:

Summan is a Roman name that means ‘before the morning’. Summanus was the Roman God of the night sky and lightning. He was a nocturnal counterpart of Jupiter.

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16. Silvius:

Silvius is the name of an early Roman saint martyred in Alexandria. It was the family name of the legendary kings of Alba Longa. Silvius means ‘wood’.

17. Silvanus:

Silvanus was the Roman God of forests. It is also the name of Saint Paul’s companion.

18. Neptune:

Neptune was the God of the sea in Roman mythology, equal to the Greek God Poseidon. It is also the name of the eighth planet in the solar system.

18. Mercury:

Mercury was the name of the Roman God of trade, travelers, and merchants. It is also the name of the first planet in the solar system.

19. Liber:

Liber is the name of the Roman God of fertility.

20. Mars:

Mars was the God of war in the Roman mythology. Mars is also the name of the fourth planet in the solar system.

21. Jupiter:

Jupiter was the supreme God in Roman mythology. He was responsible for protecting the laws of the Roman state.

22. Italus:

Italus was the father of Remus and Romulus, the founders of Rome. He gave his name to the region known as Italy today.

23. Evander:

Evander is a variant of the name Evandrus, which means ‘good man’. In Roman Mythology, Evander was the founder of the city of Pallantium.