Top 35 Baby Names Inspired By African Heritage

Baby Names Inspired By African Heritage

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When you have a baby, your live is all about changing diapers, waking up multiple times a night, and just trying to survive! Welcome to parenthood!

Being a mother is hard work. But the first time your baby smiles at you? Well, that is the moment you forget all the hardships and realize just how lucky you are. Of the many responsibilities that come with having a baby, finding a good name tops the list. Many parents today are looking for ‘different’ names for their little ones. If you too want to give your baby a name that won’t drown in a crowd, you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Africa is also called the cradle of civilization. It was here that human life first took shape. African heritage and culture is rich, vibrant, and alive. So, take a dip in the vast African culture and find a name for your baby.

Top 35 Interesting And Traditional African Baby Names :

Here are the best baby names from Africa:

1. Adama:

Gender – Female

This name comes all the way from Nig

eria. It means ‘beautiful child’ or ‘queenly’.

2. Muenda:

Gender – Male

We are sure that you want your child to grow up to be a caring person. Muenda means ‘one who cares for others’ and is a popular baby name in Kenya.

3. Makena:

Gender – Female

The Kikuyu people of Kenya use this term to imply ‘the happy one’. Makena sounds pretty and is a great option for those looking for a traditional African name.

4. Yonas:

Gender – Male

Yonas means ‘Jonah’ and has its origin in the Bible. It is a name that is pretty common in Ethiopia.

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5. Xetsa:

Gender – Female

Do you have twins? Well, then Xetsa will be a good pick. It means ‘one of a pair of female twins’.

6. Akello:

Gender – Male

A name popular among the Alur people of Uganda, Akello means ‘I have brought’.

7. Uchenna:

Gender – Female

If you are a religious family, you may want to opt for this pretty name. It means ‘God’s will’.

8. Evian:

Gender – Male

Do you want to name your son after royalty? Try Evian! It was the name of a 12th century Benin empire king.

9. Yala:

Gender – Female

Looking for an Earthy name for your little daughter? Yala is a river in Kenya and also a popular baby name option.

10. Xola:

Gender – Male

The Xhosa people of South Africa have made this name popular. It means ‘stay in peace’.

11. Rehani:

Gender – Female

Here’s a name that traces its origin to the Kiswahili language and means ‘a pledge’.

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12. Kofi:

Gender – Male

Was your son born on a Friday? Then you name him Kofi. The Akan people of Ghana popularly give their Friday born sons this amazing name.

13. Ofrah:

Gender – Female

Ofrah means ‘moon’ and comes from the beautiful Mandinka language of West Africa.

14. Adebayo:

Gender – Male

A name from the beautiful country of Yoruba, Adebayo means ‘the crown meets joy’.

15. Chimaka:

Gender – Female

Chimaka means ‘God is beautiful’ and traces its origin to the Igbo language from Nigeria.

16. Emeka:

Gender – Male

Here’s another beautiful name from Igbo. Emeka means ‘great deeds’.

17. Kahina:

Gender – Female

Kahina comes from Arabic and is popular in Easter Africa. It means ‘fortune teller’.

18. Lekan:

Gender – Male

Short for Olamilekan, this particular name comes from West Africa and means ‘my wealth is increased’.

19. Marjani:

Gender – Female

Here’s a name from the beautiful Swahili language, and it means ‘coral’.

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20. Mosi:

Gender – Male

Is your son your first-born child? Name him Mosi, which means ‘first child’ in Swahili.

21. Nia:

Gender – Female

Looking for a short name with a deep meaning? Nis fits the bill perfectly. It means ‘purpose’ in Swahili.

22. Nkosana:

Gender – Male

Nkosana is a name that is fit for royalty! It means ‘prince’ and is a name popular among the Xhosa people from Southern Africa.

23. Nomusa:

Gender – Female

The Ndebele people from Zimbabwe and South Africa are popular for their colorful culture. Nomusa means ‘merciful’ in Ndebele.

24. Adisa:

Gender – Female

Adisa means ‘one who is clear’. It traces its origin to the Yoruba people of Nigeria.

25. Otieno:

Gender – Male

A name that comes all the way from Kenya, Otieno means ‘born at night’ in Luo.

26. Onyeka:

Gender – Female

Onyeka means ‘who is greater than God’ and is popular among the Igbo people of Western Africa.

27. Ayokunle:

Gender – Male

‘Joy has filled my home’ – that describes your baby perfectly, doesn’t it? That’s what the name Ayokunle means!

28. Bolanle:

Gender – Female

Another name from Yoruba! Bolanle means ‘finds wealth at home’.

29. Chima:

Gender – Male

Short and sweet! Chima means ‘God Knows’ and comes from Western Africa.

30. Eshe:

Gender – Female

Derived from the Swahili name Asha, Eshe means ‘life’!

31. Dayo:

Gender – Male and Female

If you are looking for a gender-neutral name, try Dayo, which means ‘joy arrives’.

32. Neo:

Gender – Male and Female

Neo means ‘gift’ and is popular among the Tswana people of Western Africa.

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33. Ngozi:

Gender – Male and Female

Your baby is a blessing for you. And the Igbo people call their blessings Ngozi!

34. Munashe:

Gender – Male and Female

A name that will fit religious families, Munashe means ‘with God’. It comes from the Shona people of Southern Africa.


Gender – Male and Female

The final name on our list is also a reminder to be thankful for all that you have. Opeyami means ‘I should give praise’ and is popular among the Yoruba people of Western Africa.

Whether you are looking for an African name to embrace your heritage or because you want something ‘unique’ for your child – this list of traditional African girl names and traditional African boy names will fit the bill. Exotic, beautiful, and deep meanings – These traditional African girl names have it all! So, take a pick and let us know why you chose that particular name.

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