50 Nature Inspired Names For Your Baby Girl With Meanings


Image: Shutterstock

A name is so much more than a jumble of alphabets! It is identity, hope, character, and so much more.

Now that you are a parent, a name is also something that connects your child with your thoughts and beliefs. If you love all things nature, it is but expected that you’ll look for nature-inspired names for your baby girl.

So,here are some of the best nature names for girls. Each one comes with a beautiful meaning and reflects the beauty that’s nature.

1. Aspen:

Trees, in all their majesty, can inspire awe and admiration. Aspen is the name of a tree and a great choice if you are looking for a name that’s both unique and easy. Aspen also means ‘one who is like mother earth’.The nature girl names sound so special always.

2. Aria:

In Italian, Aria means ‘air’.The name reflects how important your daughter is for you. You need her as much as you need air to live!

3. Autumn:

If your daughter was born during the fall, naming her Autumn will be apt! Autumn, the season of fall, i

s subject of many poems! Even if your little one is not a fall baby, Autumn is still a great nature inspired name!

4. Melissa:

A very popular name, Melissa means ‘honeybee’ in Greek. If you want a name that reflects nature at its best but is not too outrageous, Melissa will fit the bill.

5. Risco:

The nature baby girl names also attract a lot of attention.Does the name Risco pique your interest? It is a strong name that means ‘waterfall’ in Spanish.

6. Freesia:

A very uncommon name, Freesia refers to the beautiful freesia flower. This nature girls name will make your little one special in the crowd. It has a melodic sound and a beautiful meaning – making it a winner in our books.

7. Brier:

Do you have a special love for all things French? Then you can try Brier as a name for your baby. It means ‘nature’ in French.

8. Denver:

The beautiful and traditional English name, Denver means ‘one who belongs to a green valley.’

9. Acacia:

A name that is fast becoming popular, Acacia means ‘one who is like a tree’ in Greek. It is a wonderful option for parents looking for a trendy yet exotic name.

10. Abilene:

Another name with ties to Greece! Abilene means ‘meadow’ in Greek. It has an exotic sound but is not too difficult to spell.

11. Abungu:

Looking for an African name? The name Abungu means ‘of the forest’. It is a great name to connect with your African roots.

12. Alana:

Alana is a common English name but hasn’t lost any of its magic! It means ‘little rock’. If you don’t want to experiment too much but still want a strong name for your baby, Alana will be perfect.

13. Brin:

A simple name, Brin means ‘like a hill’. The name traces its origin to the Welsh language and is a great way to connect with your roots.

14. Brooklyn:

We are not talking about Brooklyn, New York, here! The name Brooklyn originally means ‘a stream, brook or lake.’ And if you stay in New York, the name will become more suitable!

15. Solstice:

Are you looking for a name that is not just unique but also reflects the greatness of nature? Solstice is a new-age name, with an ancient history. It means ‘the time when the sun reaches its highest or lowest excursion relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere’.

16. Ebru:

Do you want a name that will help your daughter stand out in a crowd? Try Ebru. It means ‘cloud’ in Turkish.

17. Farley:

The name Farley is a great choice for parents who want a traditional English name. It means ‘fern meadow’.

18. Ghadir:

Arabic names are popular for their meaning and beauty. Ghadir means ‘stream’ in Arabic.

19. Darya:

The endless ocean is a sight for sore eyes. So is your daughter! Darya means ‘ocean’ in Persian.

20. Idoya:

Spanish, the language known for its lyrical beauty, is also popular for beautiful names. Why not try a Spanish name for your daughter? Idoya means ‘a pond’ in Spanish.

21. Irmak:

Another Turkish name on the list, Irmak means ‘river’. An exotic sounding name, it is the ‘go-to name’ for parents who like things different.

22. Meadow:

A traditional English name, Meadow reflects the very best of nature. Sunshine, trees, open sky – the name Meadow encapsulates it all!

23. Deniz:

Deniz means ‘sea’ in Turkish. If you want to give your baby girl a nature inspired name that is not too difficult to spell or pronounce, this will be your best choice.

24. Itsaso:

Looking for a name that’s not part of the crowd? How about Itsaso? It means ‘ocean’ in Basque.

25. Kai:

Kai is a unisexual name, fit for both girls and boys. It means sea in Hawaiin.