Top 50 Muslim Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings

Muslim Baby Girl Names

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All babies deserve the best in life, and that includes a beautiful name! If you are looking for a good Muslim girl name for your little doll, look no further. Here is a handy list of the best Muslim baby girl names for your ready reference. Each of these names is unique and modern.

So, Take Your Pick From These Muslim Girl Names:

1. Aabidah:

Aabidah means ‘worshipper’ in Arabic. It is a traditional name and is perfect for religious families.

2. A’dab:

A beautiful name, A’dab means ‘hope or need’ in Arabic. It sounds pretty modern and suitable for families looking for a trendy name.

3. Ayshah:

Ayshah, or Aisha means ‘living or prosperous’ in Arabic. It is a traditional name and was the name of Prophet Mohamed’s youngest wife.

4. Adiva:

The Muslim girls names are listed out here are unique.Looking for a Muslim name that isn’t too common? Try Adiva. It means ‘pleasant or gentle’ in Arabic.

5. Adilah:

In Arabic, Adilah means ‘equal’.Muslim baby girl names are getting more i

nteresting as we read.

6. Ahlam:

Ahlam means ‘witty’! What a great name for a little girl.

7. Bahameen:

An unusual Muslim name, Bahameen means ‘spring’ in Arabic.

8. Barika:

Want a name that describes your little darling perfectly? Try Barika! It means ‘blossom’ in Arabic.

9. Basimah:

Basimah means ‘smiling’. It is a beautiful Arabic name and is not very common either.

10. Zaira:

A traditional name, Zaira means ‘rose’ in Arabic’. If you want a name that sounds great and has a beautiful meaning too, Zaira will make a good choice.

11. Zakiyah:

Another name for Hazrat Fatimah Zahra, Zakiyah is a great name that has rich historical connotations.

12. Darya:

Darya means ‘sea’ in Arabic. It is a great option if you are a nature-lover.

13. Elham:

What a beautiful name! Elham means ‘inspiration’ in Arabic.

14. Fatin:

Fatin means ‘captivating’. It is another beautiful gem from the Arabic language.

15. Fawzia:

In Arabic, Fawzia is another word for ‘winner’. It is a unique name and perfect for modern parents.

16. Tehzib:

Looking for a name that shouts feminine? Try Tehzib. It means ‘elegance’ in Arabic.

17. Ummid:

Every parent has high hopes from their children. The name Ummid reflects this sentiment perfectly. It means ‘hope’.

18. Veeda:

Veeda means ‘evident’ in Arabic. It is a unique Muslim name.

19. Shokoufah:

Shokoufah means ‘blossom’ in Arabic. It is a great name for your baby.

20. Saida:

Saida is a common Muslim name and means ‘the fortunate one’ in Arabic.

21. Salena:

Salena means ‘moon’ in Arabic and is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby!

22. Rayah:

As time goes by, your daughter will become more of a friend for you. Rayah means ‘a friend’ in Arabic.

23. Rajeeyah:

Life is about hope. So, set your daughter on the right track by naming her Rajeeyah, which means ‘full of hope’.

24. Nimaah:

Nimaah means ‘blessing’ in Arabic. It is a very poetic name and has a beautiful ring to it.

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25. Noushin:

Baby girls are all about kisses and snuggles. They are God’s sweetest creation. This muslim girls name is sweet too. Call your little one Naushin, which means ‘sweet’.

26. Nashita:

Nashita means ‘full of life’. What an amazing name for an amazing baby!

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27. Na’imah:

A name that is both beautiful and meaningful, Na’imah means ‘tranquility or peace’.

28. Nabila:

Your little princess is no less than nobility, right? A royal baby deserves a royal name! Nabila will be perfect. It means ‘noble’.

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29. Maysa:

Maysa means ‘to walk with a proud, swinging gait’. It is a sweet name for your little one.

30. Meher:

Meher means ‘benevolence’ in Arabic. It is a common Muslim name.

31. Mahala:

Who says women are the weaker sex? Today, girls can do everything boys can and do it better! Mahala means ‘powerful’ – an apt name for a strong baby!

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32. Lakia:

This Muslim girl name is beautiful.Lakia means ‘treasure’ in Arabic. Your baby is your treasure, isn’t she?

33. Intisar:

When you pray, we are sure you wish for your child’s victory over all negativities in life. Intisar means ‘triumph’.

34. Haniya:

Haniya means ‘happy’. It is a perfect choice for parents looking for an easy name.

35. Heena:

Heena means ‘henna’ in Arabic. Henna is an intrinsic part of Muslim culture worldwide.

36. Fairoz:

Fairoz is an amazing name and means ‘turquoise’ in Arabic.

37. Faizah:

Faizah – doesn’t the name sound beautiful? The name means ‘victorious or winner’ in Arabic.

38. Bilqis:

Bilqis means ‘Queen of Sheeba’. It is a name rich in tradition.

39. Daima:

A unique name, Daima means ‘always’. It is a name that has simplicity at its core.

40. Aminah:

Another beautiful but common Muslim name, Ameena means ‘trustworthy’ in Arabic.

41. Amtullah:

If you are looking for a particularly religious name, try Amtullah. It means ‘the female servant of Allah’.

42. Ziya:

Short and sweet, Ziya means ‘light’. If you want a name that has a universal appeal, Ziya will be a good bet.

43. Yaminah:

Yaminah is a great Muslim name and means ‘good and proper’ in Arabic.

44. Taahira:

Taahira means ‘chaste’ in Arabic. It is a conventional Muslim name and will work for a traditional family.

45. Talibah:

Islam is a religion of knowledge. Talibah means ‘seeker of knowledge’. It is a great name for a little Muslim girl.

46. Siddiqah:

We are as good as our word. Siddiqah means ‘one who keeps her word’ in Arabic.

47. Soheila:

Soheila means ‘star’ in Arabic. Give your daughter this name with the hope that she will shine like a bright star all her life.

48. Sumayah:

Your baby is your joy and pride. Sumayah means ‘pride’ in Arabic.

49. Shameena:

Shameena means ‘beautiful’ in Arabic. Here’s a name that is both traditional and unique.

50. Pegah:

Pegah means ‘dawn’ in the beautiful Arabic language. Your baby is the dawn of a new life, a new hope, and a new dream!

There is no dearth of beautiful Muslim baby names. These muslim girl names are special and unique. We hoped that you liked this list of muslim names for girls. The problem comes when you have to select one from the multitude of amazing names. Hope this list will help you narrow your search!

Do tell us which is your favorite name from the list? Leave a comment below!

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