101 Most Popular Indian Baby Names For Your Little Girl With Meanings

Indian baby girl

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Many parents today are looking westwards for baby names. Indian names are passé for many of them.

From the very traditional to the super trendy, Indian baby girl names listed out here have it all.

1. Aabha:

The moment you heard about your baby, your life was filled with the light of happiness. Aabha means ‘glow’ in Sanskrit. It is a short name, by Indian standards and not very common either.

2. Aakanksha:

What is life without desire or hope? Your daughter is a symbol for your desire for a better tomorrow. Name her Aakanksha, which means ‘desire or wish’.

3. Aakriti:

Aakriti is a common Indian name but still has its charm. It means ‘shape’ in Sanskrit.

4. Akshita:

Akshita means ‘permanent’.In the ever changing days of life, if there is one thing that will never change, it is your love for your baby.

5. Ahimsa:

Are you looking for a name that is one in a million? Give Ahimsa a dekko. It means ‘non-violent’.

6. Adya:

Is your daughter your first baby? Name her Adya, which

means ‘first’ in Sanskrit.

7. Aashi:

Now here’s a name that you won’t often hear ! Aashi is a short yet unique name and means ‘smile’. What can be better than a life filled with smiles and laughter?

8. Aarushi:

The name Aarushi has become popular in the recent years in India. It means ‘first ray of the sun’.

9. Aahna:

Aahna means ‘exist’. It’s a name that is fast gaining popularity in India. Its very unique among the Indian baby girl names.

10. Aayushi:

Aayushi is a relatively uncommon baby girl name in India. It means ‘one who has a long life’.

11. Bhanu:

Bhanu means ‘sun or fame’. It is a rather uncommon name in India but very beautiful.

12. Bindhiya:

Bindhiya means ‘dew drop’. It is a common name with a dainty meaning. If you like girly names, Bindhiya will be a good option.

13. Bandita:

If you are looking for a unique baby girl name that starts with the letter B, try Bandita. It means ‘blessed’.

14. Bodhi:

Here’s a name that embraces the beauty of Buddhism. It refers to the Bodhi tree but also means ‘enlightenment’. When you think of Bodhi tree, the first thing that comes to your mind is Gautam Buddha!

15. Barkha:

Some names are timeless. Barkha is one of them. It means ‘rain’.

16. Bhrithi:

Looking for a meaningful name, which is unique too? Try Bhrithi. It means ‘strengthened; nourished or cherished.

17. Bhakti:

Here’s a name that reflects your faith! Bhakti means ‘devotion’ in Sanskrit. It is a unique name, even in India.

18. Bavishni:

Looking for a name that has oodles of character? Bavishni will be perfect! It means ‘One who has a future’.

19. Banhi:

Banhi means ‘fire’. It is a very uncommon name, ready for a special baby.

20. Chitrita:

Looking for an uncommon name for your baby girl? What about Chitrita? It means ‘beautiful or decorated’.

21. Chaitali:

Was your baby born in the month of March? You can call her Chaitali! It is a Bengali name and means ‘one who is born in the month of Chaitra or March’.

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22. Chandni:

Chandni will never go out of fashion! It is a name that sits pretty at the top of the pile. It means ‘moonlight’.

23. Charita:

We are sure that you hope for your baby to become a good human being as she grows up. With that hope, you can use the name Charita for her. It means ‘good’ in Sanskrit.

24. Chhaya:

What is the one thing you seek when out in the sun? Some shade! Chaaya means ‘shadow’ in Hindi and is symbolic of a child bringing comfort to the world.

25. Chetana:

Chetana means ‘perceptive and conscious’. If you are okay with a name that is extremely common yet beautiful, go for Chetana.

26. Chinmayi:

Here’s a name that has fallen out of favor in recent years. But it is an amazing name that deserves a resurrection. Chinmayi means ‘supreme consciousness’.

27. Amna:

Amna is a pretty name and very uncommon too. It means ‘peace, desire, safety’.

28. Daksha:

Another short name with a great meaning! Daksha means ‘earth’. It is an uncommon name and perfect for parents looking for Indian names with a difference.

29. Damini:

Girls are not just sweet and cuddly. When the time comes, they can strike hard too! Damini means ‘lightening’ in Sanskrit. A strong name for a strong girl!

30. Danika:

An unusual name, Danika means ‘morning star’. It is a beautiful name with an even more beautiful meaning.

31. Darpana:

Your baby is your reflection. Naming her Darpana will also reflect your desire for her innocence. Darpana means a ‘mirror’ – the symbol of innocence and purity.

32. Darsha:

We love this name! What the world needs today are people with a vision. Darsha means ‘to see, to perceive or to have a vision’ – perfect for the citizen of tomorrow.