35 Wonderful Names Of Hindu Lord Shiva For Your Baby Boy

Names Of Hindu Lord Shiva For Your Baby Boy

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When it comes to baby names, the sky is the limit. There are endless options – each better than the first. And that is what makes the final choice so difficult.

If you want to find a name that is rooted in Indian culture, try the names listed here. Hindu mythology is full of characters that are worth emulating. Lord Shiva is among the very best!

Here are 35 beautiful names that mean Lord Shiva. Take your pick!

1. Achintyah:

Shiva, in all his magnificence, has a character that is beyond our comprehension. Achintyah means ‘unthinkable’ and refers to Lord Shiva.

2. Adhirohah:

Adhirohah means ‘one seated within’. It is a beautiful name and is also used to invoke Lord Shiva.

3. Adikarah:

According to Hinduism, Shiva is the part of the holy trinity. Though he is the destroyer, but many holy texts also call him the ‘first creator’. That is what the name Adikarah means.

4. Adyah:

For Shaivites, Shiva is the supreme God. Adyah means ‘the first’ and is another name for Lord Shiva.

5. Amaresah:

Amaresah means ‘the lord of the gods’. Who else can that be but Lord Shiva? It is a great option for your little boy!

6. Amitrajit:

Anger, greed, envy – there are several enemies your baby will have to fight in his lifetime. The name Amitrajit will serve him well as it means ‘conqueror of his enemies’, referring to Shiva.

7. Bahubhutah:

Followers of Hinduism may worship a million gods, but know that there is only one Supreme Being. Some call him Shiva or Bahubhutah, which means ‘one who has become many’.

8. Bahurupah:

Shiva or the Supreme Lord is everywhere. He is everything. That is why Shiva is also called Bahurupah, which means ‘who is present in many forms’.

9. Balavan:

So, you want your baby to be strong, both physically and mentally. Name him Balavan, another name of Lord Shiva that means ‘strong’.

10. Bhagava:

For staunch followers of Shiva, he is ‘THE God’. That is what the name Bhagava means. It is an interesting name, worth a dekko.

11. Bhasmabhutah:

Shiva, according to Hindu mythology, is always covered in ash. This is the quality that reflects in the name Bhasmabhutah, which means ‘formed of bhasm or ashes’.

12. Bhava:

God, however you perceive him to be, is the source of everything. For many, Shiva is the ultimate source of life and is called Bhava too. Bhava means ‘the source’.

13. Bhujanagabhushana:

Do you have a special affinity to snakes? They are elegant creatures and especially dear to Shiva. The name Bhujanagabhushana means ‘who is ornate with the snake’ and is used to describe Lord Shiva.

14. Chalah:

Looking for a name that has a simple spelling but encapsulates the magnificence of Shiva? Go for Chalah, which means ‘ever moving’ and refers to the greatness of Lord Shiva.

15. Charulingah:

The name Charulingah means ‘attractive’. It is a name popularly used to address Lord Shiva.

16. Chekitanah:

Lord Shiva has many names. Chekitanah is one of them. It means ‘one with extraordinary powers of perception’.

17. Dakshah:

The name Dakshah refers to Lord Shiva. It also means the one who is ‘persevering’.

18. Dehah:

Another beautiful name used to describe Shiva; Dehah means ‘the body’. It is a very attractive name and unique too.

19. Devadhipatih:

Shiva is the lord of the gods. That is what the name Devadhipatih means.

20. Devarshih:

According to Hindu mythology, Shiva is a hermit, a sage. Devarshih means ‘divine sage’ and insinuates Lord Shiva.

21. Devesh:

The name Devesh means ‘god of the divines’ or ‘Lord Shiva’. If you are looking for a simple sounding name with a religious meaning, Devesh will be a good bet.

22. Dhruvah:

The name Dhruvah is a pointer to Shiva’s stubborn nature and means ‘one who is immovable.’ It is a good name that you can consider for your son.

23. Dirghah:

The name Dirghah means ‘of great height’. It is one of Shiva’s many names and a great option for your little one.

24. Durvasah:

Durvasah means ‘resident of a difficult place’ and refers to Lord Shiva, who stays in Mount Kailash.

25. Ganakarta:

Ganakarta is an interesting name and means ‘creator of the tattvas’. It is also a name for Lord Shiva.

26. Gandalih:

According to Hindu Mythology, Shiva stays at Mount Kailash with his family. Gandalih, another name for Shiva, means ‘one who dwells on the hills’.

27. Gatih:

The ultimate destination for all of us is to become one with the divine. For some Shiva is that final destination. That is why he is also called Gatih, which means ‘final goal’.

28. Girisha:

Shiva not just lives in the hills but also lords over them! He is also called Girisha, which means ‘lord of the mountains’.

29. Giriruhah:

Of the many names of Lord Shiva, Giriruhah is among the best. It means ‘seated on the mountain Kailash’.

30. Gopalih:

The name Gopalih means the ‘protector of senses’. It is a wonderful homage to Lord Shiva.

31. Guruh:

Shiva can be your baby’s friend, parent, God, and teacher. Guruh means ‘Shiva, the teacher’.

32. Hara:

Shiva is the destroyer, part of the Trinity. Hara refers to the destructive powers of Shiva and means ‘destroyer’.

33. Harikesah:

A beautiful name, Harikesah means ‘whose rays are the senses’. It is one among the multitude of Shiva’s names.

34. Hutah:

It is very easy to please Lord Shiva, according to Hindu mythology. All you need is a pure heart. Name your son Hutah, which means ‘pleased with offerings’ and refers to Shiva’s easy temperament.

35. Idhyah:

The name Idhyah means ‘praiseworthy’. It is a great option for your son that also means Lord Shiva.

You don’t need to be religious to appreciate these names! They are not just names of Lord Shiva but have independent meanings too. Go for it and give your baby boy a name that’ll become a part of his identity.

Which is your favorite among these beautiful names? Tell us.

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