35 Most Popular Names Of Lord Hanuman For Your Baby

Most Popular Names Of Lord Hanuman

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It goes without saying that the happiest moment in the life of a couple is when they have a baby. Along with the happiness, comes the responsibility to find a perfect name for their little bundle of joy. Selecting a perfect name for your child can be both exciting as well as intimidating. From hundreds of names on the internet, how can you narrow down to just one? To make your task easier, we have compiled some of the most popular names of Lord Hanuman for your baby. Unfortunately Hanuman names for baby girls do not exist. These are specifically baby boy names meaning lord hanuman. This list also includes lord hanuman names for baby boy in telugu.

Lord Hanuman is the epitome of devotion and dedication in Hindu mythology. Lord Hanuman or the Monkey God, represents valor, strength, intellect, wisdom and devotion. According to mythology, he is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman observed celibacy throughout his life. He dedicated his entire life to the service of Lord

Ram. Many worship Lord Hanuman to attain knowledge, mental peace and strength to fight the daily battle.

Here is a list that contains 35 Lord Hanuman names for Baby boy:

1. Anjaneya:

The name Anjaneya means ‘Son of Anjana’.

2. Bajrangbali:

The name means one whose limbs have the strength and power of lightning.

3. Deenabandhave:

The name Deenabandhave means ‘defender of the oppressed’.

4. Kalanabha:

The name Kalanabha means ‘organizer of time’.

5. Chiranjeevi:

The name Chiranjeevi means ‘an immortal person’.

6. Mahadhyuta:

The name Mahadhyuta means ‘most radiant’.

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7. Manojavaya:

The name Manojavaya means one who has the ‘swiftness like wind’.

8. Mahatapase:

The name Mahatapase means ‘great meditator’.

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9. Pavanputra:

The name Pavanputra means ‘son of wind God’.

10. Ramabhakta:

The name Ramabhakta means ‘devoted to Rama’.

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11. Sarvamayavibhanjana:

The name Sarvamayavibhanjana means ‘the destroyer of all illusions’.

12. Sarvalolkacharine:

The name Sarvalolkacharine means ‘wanderer of all places’.

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13. Shoora:

The name Shoora means ‘the one who is gallant’.

14. Sarvarogahara:

The name Sarvarogahara means ‘the reliever of all ailments’.

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15. Sanjeevananagahatre:

The different names of lord Hanuman for baby boy symbolize his popularity irrespective of the region.The name Sanjeevananagahatre means ‘the one who carries the Sanjeevni mountain’.

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16. Vagmine:

The name Vagmine means ‘spokesman’.

17. Vardhimainakapujita:

The name Vardhimainakapujita means the one who is ‘worshipped by Mynaka’.

18. Vijitendriya:

The name Vijitendriya means ‘the controller of the senses’.

19. Shanta:

The name Shanta means ‘composed and calm’.

20. Sarvaduhkhahara:

The name Sarvaduhkhahara means ‘reliever of all agonies’.

21. Vajranakha:

The name Vajranakha means ‘strong nailed’.

22. Surarchita:

The name Surarchita means the one who is ‘worshipped by celestials’.

23. Marutatmaja:

The name Marutatmaja means the one who is ‘adored like gems’.

24. Mahakaya:

The name Mahakaya means ‘gigantic’.

25. Kumarabrahmacharin:

The name Kumarabrahmacharin means ‘youthful bachelor’.

26. Karagrahavimoktre:

The name Karagrahavimoktre means ‘the one who frees from imprisonment’.

27. Kapeeshwar:

The name Kapeeshwar means ‘Lord of the monkeys’.

28. Deenabandhav:

The name Deenabandhav means ‘the protector of the downtrodden’.

29. Chaturbahave:

The name Chaturbahave means ‘Four-Armed’.

30. Chanchaladwala:

The name Chanchaladwala means the one with a ‘glittering tail raised above the head’.

31. Bheemasenasahayakrute:

The name Bheemasenasahayakrute means ‘the helper of Bheema’. Hanuman baby boy names give a mythical twist to your kids’s identity.

32. Vibheeshanapriyakara:

The name Vibheeshanapriyakara means the one who is ‘beloved of Vibheeshana’.

33. Kamaroopin:

The name Kamaroopin means ‘changing forms at will’.

34. Sugreeva Sachiva:

The name Sugreeva Sachiva means ‘minister of Sugreeva’.

35. Pratapavat:

The name Pratapavat means ‘famous for valor’.

The names of Lord Hanuman for baby boy have rich mythological connotations. They are also a perfect way to pay tribute to your culture.We hope you like our collection of unique baby names. Let us know which one is your favorite name from the list. Leave a comment below.

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