100 Most Popular Hispanic Baby Names For Your Little Girl With Meanings

Hispanic Baby Names For Your Little Girl

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Giving birth is just beginning to a life long adventure. Now that you are a mother, you’ll realize the joy and sorrows of being a parent. But even before you can jump on the rollercoaster that is motherhood, find your baby a name! We help by finding you a cute

Your baby needs a good name to establish her identity. So, be careful while picking a name for her.

Looking for a Hispanic girl names that is both beautiful and meaningful? Here’s a list to help you out!

1. Mireia:

Exotic and poetic, Mereia has it all! A beautiful name, it means ‘to admire’ in Latin.

2. Zarita:

Your daughter rules the roost at home, doesn’t she? Name her Zarita, which means ‘noble lady or princess.’

3. Ynez:

Are you looking for a religious yet trendy name? Try Ynez. It means ‘holy.’

4. Xiomara:

Girls today need to be fighters. They have battles to win. Pick the name Xiomara for your daughter. It means ‘famous warrior.’

5. Xenia:

A pretty feminine name, Xenia means ‘well-born’. A great option for yo

ur little darling!

6. Violeta:

A rather common Latin name, Violeta refers to the ‘violet flower’. Your daughter is no less than a beautiful flower, after all.

7. Veronica:

If you are a fan of the popular comic series ‘Archie’s’, this name will strike a cord. Veronica means ‘bringer of victory.’

8. Valentia:

A poetic name with a strong meaning! Valentia means ‘power’.

9. Trini:

The short and sweet name means ‘the holy trinity – the father, son and the holy ghost’!

10. Tonia:

The name is perfect for your precious girl as it means ‘invaluable’. Apart from a great meaning, Tonia sounds beautiful too.

11. Adalina:

Adalina is a lyrical name and means ‘little noble’. The perfect name for your little princess!

12. Adora:

This cute name means ‘adoration.’ Your baby is adorable, and this name will suit her just fine.

13. Adelita:

Another feminine name with a strong meaning, Adelita means ‘noble and a warrior woman.’

14. Aleta:

Aleta – the very sound of the name sounds exotic and beautiful. It means ‘winged’ – the right name for your little angel.

15. Agueda:

A virtuous name for your baby girl, Agueda means ‘good’. As exotic as they get, here’s a name that is full of attitude and charisma.

16. Amada:

Your baby is the love of your life. Name her Amada, which means ‘beloved’ in Latin.

17. Ana:

Do you want to keep it short and simple? Try Ana! This classic name will never go out of fashion and means ‘favor or grace.’

18. Angelica:

Another classic name, Angelica means ‘angel or messenger’. If you want to stick to traditional names, Angelica will be a good bet.

19. Antonia:

Antonia means ‘invaluable’ in Latin. It is a traditional name but beautiful nevertheless.

20. Ariadna:

Exploring Hispanic names in search of a unique name for your baby? Try Ariadna. It means ‘utterly pure’ and is a great choice for your little daughter.

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21. Teofila:

Here’s a name that is the epitome of a good Hispanic name. Teofila means ‘God’s friends’. A pretty name with an even prettier meaning!

22. Susanita:

There’s something lyrical about Latin. It is a beautiful language. It is also the source of some amazing baby names. Take Susanita, for example. It means ‘lily.’

23. Soledad:

Being alone does not mean being lonely! Soledad means ‘solitude’ -a great name for a unique little girl.


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24. Sol:

The sun, shining bright and spreading light around the world is the giver of life. Sol means ‘Sun’ in Latin. It is a short name but a beautiful one!

25. Sofia:

Some names never lose their charm. Sofia is one of them. It means ‘wisdom’ in Latin.

26. Sens:

Sens means ‘holy’. It is sweet little name for your baby. Perfect if you want to keep it simple.

27. Sara:

Another traditional name, Sara means ‘noble lady or princess’ – a name perfect for traditional families.

28. Sanchia:

A very Hispanic name, Sanchia means ‘holy’. It is an awesome name if you want to keep your daughter connected with her roots.

29. Salud:

Good health – that is what all mothers wish for their children. Salud means ‘health’ in Latin. A cute name with a nice meaning, Salud will be a great option for you.


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30. Rocia:

Looking for a delicate and feminine name for your daughter? Pick Rocia! It means ‘dew’ in Latin.

31. Basilia:

Your daughter is the sovereign at home, isn’t she? Basilia will be the perfect name for her as it means ‘queen’.


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32. Benita:

Another traditional Latin name, Benita means ‘blessed’. Your daughter is a blessing from the God above!