20 Best Names Of Hindu Lord Vishnu For Your Baby Boy

Names Of Hindu Lord Vishnu For Your Baby Boy

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As a new mother, you have a lot on your mind. Recovering from childbirth, taking care of a crying infant, sleep deprivation – yes, you have your hands full. But there is one thing you cannot ignore.

Finding your baby boy a good name has got to be top priority for you. How does naming your son after Lord Vishnu sound?

Lord Vishnu has 108 names, if not more. Here are the best bets for your baby boy:

1. Achintya:

Lord Vishnu is the preserver of life. Achintya, another name for Vishnu, means ‘He is incomparable or inconceivable’.

2. Adama:

Adama means ‘He is not subdued by anyone’. If you are looking to name your son after Lord Vishnu but don’t want a religious name, Adama will do the trick.

3. Adbhuta:

The followers of Lord Vishnu worship him not just because he is powerful, but also because he has a charisma like no other. Adbhuta, another name used for Lord Vishnu, means ‘The one who is wonderful or astonishing’.

4. Adhaata:

Another name for Vishnu, Adhaata also means ‘A

bove whom there is no other to command’. The perfect name for the leader of the future!

5. Adhoksaja:

Adhoksaja is another name for Lord Narasimha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. It means ‘Supreme Person who is beyond our material perception or knowledge’.

6. Dharesh:

Dharesh means ‘lord of the earth’. It is a name used to describe Lord Vishnu.

7. Dhurya:

Lord Vishnu, according to Hindu mythology, is part of the holy trinity, the preserver. Dhurya means ‘He carries out the creation without any problem’ and is one among the many names of Lord Vishnu.

8. Durariha:

The dispeller of the evil-minded enemies – that’s what Durariha means. It is a unique name for people looking to name their baby after Lord Vishnu.

9. Ijya:

Looking for a trendy name with a religious meaning? Ijya also means ‘The dispeller of the evil-minded enemies’. It is also a name of Lord Visnu.

10. Kritantakrit:

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Kritantakrit means ‘he who kills death himself’. Here’s a name that will help your son hold his own in a crowd.

11. Kshitish:

Kshitish refers to the ‘lord of the earth-Lord Vishnu’. It is a strong name with an even stronger meaning.

12. Lohitaksa:

The name Lohitaksa refers to the beauty and redness of Lord Vishnu’s eyes.

13. Mahardhi:

Lord Vishnu is not just the preserver but is also the giver of wealth. Mahardhi, a name used to define the wealth giving quality of the Lord, means ‘He is of immense riches’.

14. Manada:

Manada means ‘He offers respect to others’. Lord Vishnu is known to have 108 names. Manada is one of them.

15. Nahusha:

An uncommon name, Nahusha means ‘he who binds the jiva by his Maya’. The name is used to refer to Lord Vishnu’s divine powers.

16. Nigraha:

Nigraha means ‘He who has a firm control over all creation’. One among the most beautiful of Lord Vishnu’s name, Nigraha will be a great choice for your little one.

17. Pratihita:

Pratihita is a beautiful name. It means ‘One who is famous’ and is also a name for Lord Vishnu.

18. Sahasrajit:

Your son will have to fight a million battles to succeed in life. What better inspiration than Lord Vishnu to help him in his endeavors? Sahasrajit means ‘He is the conqueror of thousands’.

19. Sahishnu:

There is a little bit of Vishnu in all of us! Name your baby Sahishnu, which means ‘He is the forgiver or one endowed with enormous patience’.

20. Sutantu:

Sutantu means ‘He who has expanded this universe starting from himself’. Another of Vishnu’s multitude of names, Sutantu is a great option for people looking for exotic sounding names.

Twenty beautiful names for a beautiful baby! Take your pick and set your son on the path to greatness.

And don’t forget to share your preference with us in the comments section below!

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