Top 50 Islamic Baby Boy Names With Their Meanings

Islamic Baby Boy Names

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50 Islamic Islamic Names For Boys With Meanings:

Giving birth is a momentous occasion. But that is just the beginning. You have a whole lot of battles to fight ahead. But the one thing that should not be the reason for a battle is your baby’s name!

Selecting a name for your baby boy can seem like an uphill task. Everybody has something to say about what you should name your baby. But the choice is yours to make. Check out these amazing Islamic baby boy names with meaning.

1. Aaqil:

The name Aaqil means ‘intelligent’. Not too exotic but meaningful all the same.

2. Maahir:

An Arabic name, Maahir means skillful.

3. Raafe:

Raafe means ‘companion’ – your son is your companion for life, isn’t he?

4. Yagana:

Your son will have a unique personality. Yagana means ‘unique’ – a perfect name for your darling!

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5. Kahil:

A beautiful name with a simple yet profound meaning! Kahil means ‘friend or lover’ in Arabic.

6. Ijaz:

All babies are miracles of

nature. Your son sure is! Ijaz means ‘miracle’.

7. Ghanim:

Ghanim means ‘successful’ in Arabic.

8. Omeed:

Children bring with them hope and dreams for a better tomorrow. Omeed signifies that very ‘hope’.

9. Kaisan:

Kaisan was one of the companions of Prophet Mohammed. It means ‘wise’.

10. Faaiz:

Faaiz means ‘victorious’. You want your son to be victorious in life.

11. Tanim:

Do you love nature? How about naming your son Tanim, which means ‘sea wave’?

12. Qaanit:

Being content is a great virtue! Qaanit means ‘satisfaction’.

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13. Raem:

Raem is a unique name with an interesting meaning. It means ‘one with a search’!

14. Zaakir:

Zaakir means ‘one who remembers Allah’. It is a very popular name and perfect for religious families.

15. Yaamin:

If you think your son is a blessing from God, name him Yaamin, which means ‘blessing’ in Arabic.

16. Nadir:

Nadir is a popular Islamic name and means ‘extraordinary’.

17. Uzair:

Uzair was the name of a Biblical prophet. It is a pious name for your precious baby.

18. Daanish:

Here’s an elegant name for your baby! Daanish means ‘wisdom’.

19. Laeeq:

‘Able, fit, deserving’ – that’s what this beautiful name means!

20. Laham:

Some may feel that this name has a new-age feel to it. But it is a traditional Islamic name. Laham means ‘intuition’.

21. Jaah:

Jaah is a simple name, with a beautiful meaning. But ‘respect’ can never be easy to attain. It is what we crave for all our lives!

22. Badeeh:

Badeeh means ‘wondrous’, and suits your baby perfectly.

23. Ehab:

Do you sometimes feel your son is a Divine present? If yes, then Ehab will be a great choice. It means ‘gift’!

24. Hirz:

Hirz is another name for God. If you are someone who is particular pious, you may opt for this name.

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25. Ibrar:

We all want our kids to be helpful and full of mercy. The name Ibrar matches your wish perfectly.

26. Qabil:

The name Qabil traces its origin to the Bible and means ‘son of Adam’.

27. Javier:

Was your son born in the month of January? How about naming him Javier, which means ‘January’ in Arabic?

28. Quadir:

Quadir means ‘strong’ and is a very masculine name.

29. Sheraz:

A sensitive choice – Sheraz means ‘caring’.

30. Omeir:

A long, happy life is your greatest wish for your baby. Omeir means ‘long living’.

31. Vafi:

A two-syllable name, Vafi is the perfect fit for families who like to keep things short and sweet. The name means ‘complete’.

32. Uzayr:

A more exotic choice, Uzayr means ‘precious’ and will be a good fit for your little treasure.

33. Fadel:

Fadel means ‘excellent’. An excellent son, human, and follower of God – the name encompasses almost all your wishes!

34. Kafeel:

Today, the world is teeming with children who don’t know what it means to be responsible. Do you want your son to be different? Name him Kafeel, which means ‘responsible’.

35. Ghaalib:

Ghaalib means ‘victor’. It is a popular Muslim name and tops popularity charts.

36. Hunaid:

The name Hunaid means ‘happiness’ in Arabic. As a mother, you wish all the happiness for your baby.

37. Akhyar:

We are sure that you run out of superlatives while describing your son. That is why you should name him Akhyar. It means ‘good, better, best, excellent’!

38. Chafik:

Here’s an uncommon Arabic name that you can consider. Chafik means ‘sympathizing’.

39. Ezaz:

Ezaz means ‘honor’. Honor for self, family, and God!

40. Ghafur:

Sometimes, the most amazing names are also the most popular ones. Ghafur means ‘most forgiving.

41. Ibr:

Do you like short names? It cannot get shorter than this! Ibr refers to Prophet Abraham.

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42. Kaab:

Here’s another short name for your son. Kaab means ‘fame’ in Arabic’ – hope this name gives your son the stepping stone to fame and prosperity.

43. Maajidah:

The world is glorious and full of splendor. How about honoring God’s creation by naming your little one Maajidah, which means ‘splendid’?

44. Perzo:

Perzo means ‘deserving’. It is a name that is easy to spell and pronounce.

45. Rasil:

Children bring messages from the future. Rasil means ‘messenger’ – a perfect name for your future, right?

46. Taafeef:

God is the center of lives for many families. Is your family the same? Then try this beautiful name. It means ‘Praise’ or ‘hymn of God’.

47. Viqaas:

You want your son to fight the sorrow in life and win all the happiness in the world. The name Viqaas will work for you as it means ‘fighter’.

48. Yazid:

Yazid means ‘God will increase’. It is a unique Arabic name.

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49. Layth:

The interesting name means ‘lion’. If you are game for a little offbeat name, go for this one.

50. Murtaaz:

Last but not the least, we give you Murtaaz. Masculine, powerful, and with a deep meaning, this name has it all! It means ‘disciplined’.

There is no dearth of good Islamic boys names with meaning. Finding the perfect name for your darling can be confusing. Hope this list helps you narrow your search!

Do let us know if we have missed out on a good Islamic baby boy name. We appreciate your feedback.

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