Is Dieting Safe For Kids?

Is Dieting Safe For Kids

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Are bullies at school targeting your child because of his obesity? Is being fat hurting your child’s self-esteem? Well, if your child is facing weight issues, reading this post is a good idea.

Shedding weight is the easiest way to become fab from flab! Dieting helps solve weight-management issues, but crash diets are a strict no-no. But the question is, is dieting ok for kids? Find out in this article five tips to help your child become more fit and confident! Read on to know more on kids dieting!.

Going on a diet implies an attempt to lose weight by limiting calories. Unlike adults, kids are constantly growing and developing. Hence, children should not go on fad diets. Diets that do not include a variety of nutritious foods can stunt the growth of your child. Low carb diets can affect concentration, learning and school performance in children. It can also lead to osteoporosis and menstrual problems in girls.

Tips To Help Your Child Maintain A Healthy Weight:

If you are trying to help your child lose some weight, then ignore the diet books and use your instincts instead. Try to bring small changes in his diet and lifestyle. Here are some tips and guidelines that can help your child lose weight in a healthy way.

1. Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle:

Encourage the whole family to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Take out time to eat together at the table. According to a study, kids who eat with their family are less likely to be overweight.

2. Serve Fruits And Vegetables:

Serve your child five to six serving of fruits every day. Serve them a healthy breakfast rich in fruits, grain and milk products. For snacks, serve fruits and raw vegetables with yogurt. Do not let them eat junk food. You can also pack a few fruits for his tiffin.

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3. Eliminate Sugary Beverages:

Eliminate sugary beverages like sports drinks, coffee and soda from your child’s diet. Limit fruit juice intake to not more than one serving a day. Make sure your child drinks loads of water daily. Teach your child to start his day with a glass of water. Bring this change gradually, not abruptly.

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4. Encourage Your Child To Be Physically Active:

Encourage your child to be physically active. Kids have plenty of choices when it comes to exercise and activity. They can take part in any sports or dance. Ask them to help you clean the house or rake the leaves. It is also a kind of physical activity. Reduce your child’s time in front of the computer, television and video games by an hour every day.

5. Give Him A Balanced Diet:

Make sure your child consumes a balanced diet. It will help your child get the essential nutrients in the adequate quantity. Give him a variety of healthy meal options so that he does not get bored eating the same foods daily. A balanced diet must include fruits, vegetables, Milk, Dairy Products, Meat, Nuts, and Grains, especially whole-grain foods.

If your child wants to lose weight, then you can also seek your doctor’s help. The doctor will check your child’s body mass index to estimate how much weight he needs to shed. Doctors never recommend cutting on food for kids. He will explain to you how your child can reduce calories and yet get all the necessary nutrients. He might also suggest your child to watch his portion sizes.

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Yes, obesity can cause serious health problems, but children may harm themselves even more by skipping meals and starving.

Now you now that dieting for kids is not a good option and how you van help your child hit the road to become fat to fit.

If you have helped your child shed flab, please share your tips and advice.

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