Is Coffee Bad For Kids?

Is Coffee Bad For Kids

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Does your child drool at the sight of cold coffee topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup? Does your child insist on adding coffee to his glass of milk every morning? Well, if your child loves coffee you must give this post a serious read.

A report in The Journal of Pediatrics, reveals that 75 percent of children consume coffee on a daily basis. But Is coffee bad for kids in order to need coffee to kick-start their day or to stay up overnight and study? The article gives you seven side effects of your child’s love for coffee! Want to know more? Go ahead with your read!

How Much Caffeine Is Safe For Children?

Health Canada recommends the following:

  • 65 milligrams of caffeine a day for kids between four and six years of age.
  • 62.5 milligrams of caffeine for kids between seven and nine years of age.
  • 85 milligrams of caffeine a day for kids between 10 and 12 years of age.

Side Effects Of Coffee On Kids:

1. Restricts Calcium Absorption:

Caffeine may restrict the absorp

tion of calcium in the body, which may affect the growth and development of a child.

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2. Leads To Obesity:

Cold coffee is replete with staggering amounts of sugar, fat, and calories. It may lead to obesity in children. The early obesity begins during the childhood and may continue even during adulthood and cause severe health complications.

3. Causes Dental Decay:

Acidic drinks can weaken the teeth. Coffee is acidic in nature. Children who drink coffee are more likely to suffer from loss of enamel and cavities. It also stains the teeth of children, making them look unsightly.

4. Results In Insomnia:

Children between the age of 5 and12 years need at least 11 hours of sleep and teens need nine to ten hours. Coffee has five times more caffeine per serving than soda or tea. It lasts in the body for up to eight hours, leading to sleep loss. These days, more and more kids drinking coffee to boost their stamina and energy levels. It is affecting their sleep negatively.

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5. Increases Anxiety:

According to several reports, children who drink coffee suffer from anxiety disorder. Coffee stimulates the central nervous system. It can cause the children to become hyperactive, nervous and anxious. Caffeine increases the heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and production of gastric juices too.

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6. Loss Of Appetite:

Children should have a balanced diet full of whole grains, protein, vitamins and minerals. Coffee curbs appetite in children and leads to a decline in the intake of nutrition. It adversely affects the growth and development of children.

7. Bad For Bone Health:

According to research, every 100 milligrams of coffee intake leads to a loss of 6 milligrams of calcium from the body. Coffee addiction can take a toll on the bone health of kids during the critical growth years.

8. Leads To Behavioral Issues:

Coffee is a stimulant in nature. It can lead to hyperactivity, restlessness, inability to concentrate and a host of behavioral problems in children.

So what should you do when your child asks you for a cup of coffee? Giving children coffee is good but in moderation. If your child is a coffee addict, you can help him gradually cut down on his intake to avert the withdrawal symptoms like muscle aches, headaches, depression, and irritability.

Do you have little coffee addicts at home? Do you have any suggestions on how to help children kick caffeine-addiction? Share your tips and advice with us in the comments section below.

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