8 Common Causes Of Headache In Children You Should Be Aware Of

8 common causes of headache in children you should be aware of

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Most often when children complain of a headache, parents attribute it to some excuse or other. It is also believed that unless absolutely serious, children do not have any real reason for a headache. As headaches are mostly related to stress or exertion, parents find it difficult to believe that their children can suffer from the same too.

This, though, is a very serious misconception.

Headaches In Children:

The scientific community vouches that headaches in children are something serious too.

  • These are exactly similar to the tensions, stress, and migraine or sinus headaches that adults suffer from.
  • Also, the first signs of recurring headaches often begin when children are below 5 years of age.
  • It is also a fact that boys tend to have more headaches than girls till they reach puberty.
  • The ratio is reversed at the onset of puberty due to menstrual and other growth related reasons in girls.

Now that you know that your child may actually be in pain with a headache, let

us look into the major reasons behind it. Understanding the causes and signals will help you spot if these are more benign or malignant. This will help you choose timely treatment options for your child.

Children You Should Be Aware Of

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8 Causes Of Headache In Children:

The potential benign triggers for headaches in children include:

1. Overdose Of Certain Medicines:

Children have a developing immune system, which stays delicate till a certain age.

  • This means they are prone to catching common cold, allergies like chicken pox and other diseases easily.
  • Many parents end up consulting a doctor too soon and giving their children an overdose of medicines.
  • These prescribed medicines can have an adverse reaction and evolve as one of the reasons for headache in kids.

2. Sudden Changes In The Sleeping Pattern:

The biological clock of younger children is adjusted to their growth parameters.

  • This means mandatory sleeping hours, resulting in limited resistance to undue sleep patterns.
  • When children are interrupted in their routine sleep pattern or get lesser sleep, a headache can often occur.

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3. Stress, Anxiety And Tension Headaches:

Children tend to focus more on each matter happening in their life with extreme attention.

  • This can sometimes lead to over-anxiety and stress which can lead to tension induced headaches.
  • Any unpleasantness in the family, at school or a place where the child is exposed to is also a cause that is often not spotted immediately by parents.
  • Recurring tension headaches can be the main reason to pin down migraines in the near future.

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4. Migraine, Aura And Cluster Headaches:

a. Migraine:

Migraine attacks are usually severe in adults. In children, it can be a sign of innumerable medical conditions for the future.

  • Migraine in kids is usually a throbbing on either side of the head.
  • This lasts for at least an hour.
  • This kind of headache is often accompanied with a feeling of nausea or vomiting.

b. Aura:

A majority of children experience partial loss of their vision, appearance of bright spots and zig-zag lines minutes before their headache starts. This is determined as ‘Aura’.

c. Cluster Headache:

Cluster headache is a much more serious and painful form of headache, where the pain can be extremely unbearable.

  • The condition remains the same in the beginning.
  • Gradually, a series of varied headache is felt for weeks or months at a stretch.
  • Once this period is over, the patient has certain headache-free time periods.
  • This kind of headache is extremely unbearable for the patient.
  • It also results in red-eye, production of tears in the eye near which the headache starts, running nose and drooping of eyelids.
  • This condition is more common in boys.
  • The main cause for all the above types of headache is mostly hereditary. These can also be triggered by a significant head injury or emotional damage.

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