10 Important Road Safety Rules/Tips To Teach Your Children

10 important road safety rules tips to teach your children

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Children are most vulnerable to road accidents and injuries, especially in the lack of adult supervision. Don’t be late in teaching children about road safety. It is your duty to make sure that children below the age of 10 are never left unsupervised on roads.

Road Safety For Kids – Why It Should Be Taught?

In most road accidents where children are involved, there are more chances of them being at fault rather than the driver. Following are the reasons for why is road safety important for children:

  • When faced with a particular traffic situation, the behavior of children is always unpredictable.
  • Children are often too small for drivers to see them properly; also, it is difficult for them to accurately judge how fast or slow a vehicle will move in their direction.
  • When a vehicle moves in their direction they may not be able to cope up and get frightened or remain still.
  • They may not know the correct place from where should they cross the road.
  • Also when a street is empty
    , children consider it to be safe and become less cautious.

Important Road Safety Rules For Kids On Road:

As seen from the reasons listed above, it is very essential to impart essential lessons on road safety to your children so that when they grow up they imbibe them well. Below we present you a set of road safety tips for children that will enable you to teach the important rules of road safety and make them responsible pedestrians as well as responsible passengers.

1. Look, Look And Look:

Make your children follow this golden rule before crossing the street. Teach them that it is necessary to be attentive when on street.

  • First they should look left, then look right and then once again look left before the cross the road.
  • Also it is necessary that they are always accompanied by adults and are holding their hands.

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2. No Running:

Many children have the habit of running and leaving their parents hand. It is of crucial importance that children remain calm when on road.

  • Teach them that when it comes to road sense, running is a taboo.
  • They should not get distracted by anything and always remain cautious.

3. Sidewalks Only:

It is imperative to take pedestrian roads only for walking. If you follow this rule diligently, your child will also make it a habit.

  • Try avoiding those roads where sidewalks are unavailable.
  • If that’s not possible, always walk in such a way that you face the traffic. So that you know when a vehicle gets close to you.

4. Cross At Crossroads:

Another important lesson is to teach your children from where to cross the road. Make sure to teach them the traffic signals that are for pedestrians to cross the road.

  • When your children cross the road, tell them they should walk swiftly and avoid running.
  • Also teach them to make an eye contact with the driver while crossing the road.

5. Red, Green and Yellow:

Explain your kid about the traffic light basics and the significance of traffic signs.

  • Your child should know by heart that red means stop and green means go.
  • Also other signs often displayed on road should also be taught to children.

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6. Get Out At Kerb Side:

Whenever your child is getting out of a car or a bus, ensure it is the rear side of the passenger seat.

  • Tell them the consequences of descending from the other side.
  • Don’t shy away from the details; make your child understand the severity of the issue.

7. No Playing Zones:

When your children are playing outdoors make sure that they draw a boundary and do not play in proximity of roads or parking lots.

  • Tell them that roads are not playgrounds and they should completely avoid it, even if it is an empty street
  • Also while playing, if their toy or ball lands on road, they should not run behind it. They should ask for the help of a known adult, immediately.

8. Bicycle Riding:

When your children rides bicycle, make them wear a helmet even though it is not a part of driving rule.

  • Your children must ride only in the bicycle track; in case no such tracks are present, they should always drive to the left of the road.
  • Also it should be ensured that their brakes, horn, steering are in proper working condition.

9. Bright, Reflective Clothes:

Firstly try to avoid your children going out after dark.

  • However, in such cases if your child is walking or is on bicycle, bright clothes help to locate them better.
  • Such colors can make people driving on the road alert from distance.

10. Be Cautious:

It is essential that your children are not wearing earphone or listening to music while walking or riding their bicycle.

  • Tell them to be always aware of the traffic, vehicles and also about the people walking in the street.
  • Never allow them to carry any instruments that can distract their attention.

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How Can Parents Become A Role Model?

The above rules can make your children more efficient and effective in matters of road safety. However, your children can learn these rules better if their parents become a role model for them and live by example.

1. Wearing seat-belts while driving a car and wearing a helmet while driving a bike.

2. Always remaining calm while driving and never yell or shout at pedestrians or other drivers.

3. Always showing the traffic signals and signs to your child and also explaining them their significance and importance.

4. Always emphasizing and repeating the dos and don’ts of traffic rules.

5. And make sure to reward a child when he shows good behavior pertaining to road safety. Such an act always inspires children to follow the behavior.

By imparting such important rules on road safety, you are not only helping your child become a good citizen, but also playing your part as a responsible citizen. We hope you will follow the road safety rules and ensure to make your children aware about them. Let’s be responsible to make others responsible!

Please share your inputs on ways to increase road safety for kids in the section below.

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