Top 15 Interesting Creative Activities For Kids/Children

Creative Activities For Kids

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Are you looking for ways to keep your kid away from the TV? Is your child spending all her free time playing video games?

If yes, then it may be time to help you kid explore the creative side of her personality. Here are some amazing creative activities for kids. Try them. What have you got to lose, after all?

1. Face Painting:

Face Painting

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A creative way to pass a lazy afternoon, face painting is an activity kids of all ages can enjoy. Face Painting is the perfect activity for parties and playdates. Just be ready for some mess!

All you need are some designs, good colors, and patience. Let your kid choose a design and let her have fun.

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2. Click Click:

Click Click

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Gone are the days when photography was an adult only hobby! Now, kids of all ages can use cameras. Photography is not just creative, it is also an amazing way to preserve memory.

Just buy a kid friendly camera and let your kid star

t clicking!

3. Make Some Music:

Make Some Music

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Does your kid like music? Most do! So, help her turn a simple hobby into something bigger. Gather your kid and her friends and turn a friendship into a music band!

You can either invest in real instruments or use make-belief ones, the choice depends on your budget. Just let the kids get musically creative!

4. Story Time:

Story Time

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Writing is not just about putting some words together and framing a sentence. Writing requires creativity. Let your kid discover the joy of the writen word. Get her a journal and a pen. Now let her tell you a story. Don’t be judgmental. Give her creativity a free reign.

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5. Put On The Dancing Shoes:

Put On The Dancing Shoes

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This is definitely one of the best creative activities for children. Nothing can be more liberating than dancing! And dancing is creative too. Be it formal dancing or just a few hours jigging to music, just let your kid put on her dancing shoes and explore her soul!

6. Decorate Your Cake:

Decorate Your Cake

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…And eat it too! But before you do, let your kid decorate the plain sponge cake! Give her the tools and allow her to make some mess!

Cake decorating can be a great way to explore and express creativity.

7. Graffiti Artist:

Graffiti Artist

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Is your little one a blooming graffiti artist? Then let her discover her inner artist with this amazing creative activity for kids. All you need to do is set up a giant canvas, preferably outdoors. Then fill plastic spray bottles (or any other spray bottle) with water mixed with tempera paint. That’s it! Now step back and let your kid have a ball with colors!

8. Let The Garden Bloom:

Let The Garden Bloom

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Nature is the best teacher when it comes to creativity. So, let your kid discover the joy of nurturing life. Just give her a small part in the garden, provide enough gardening tools and watch her garden bloom!

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9. Cooking:


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When we talk about kids- creative activities at home, cooking can be another option. Yes, cooking can be creative. It is an art that requires practice and dedication. It may be time to introduce your child to the kitchen! Ensure she is safe and let her play around with spices and the pantry. Yes, you may have to deal with some kitchen mess, but the end result will be well worth it.

10. Make Your Own Tee Shirts:

Make Your Own Tee Shirts

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Gather some old, plain tee shirts and let your kid turn it into a masterpiece! All you need to do is give her painting materials and enough space!

11. Fashion Show:

Fashion Show

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Is your kid a wannabe model? Then turn your living room into a ramp and let her and her friends put up a fashion show for you!

12. Nature Walk:

Nature Walk

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If weather permits, go for a nature walk with your kid and show her the little wonders of nature. You can also collect rocks, leaves, and other natural wonders and make a collage.. If your kid is old enough, she can go for a nature walk with her friends!

13. Build Something:

Build Something

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It can be Legos, building blocks, or something unique; the point of this activity is to build something. Gather old unused materials from around the house and let your kid build something from a scratch.

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14. Enact:


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Let your kid invoke the actor in her! Gather all costumes and accessories you can find and enact a show! Older kids can set up a stage along with friends and present a show!

15. Nail Art:

Nail Art

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Nail art is popular among girls, but boys can have fun with it too. You can buy some nail art kits from the market and permit your child to explore her creativity. The canvas may be small, but nail art does take a tremendous amount of creativity and patience.

All these fun creative activities for kids at home mentioned here are easy to do. And the best part is that you don’t need to spend a lot to help your kid explore her creativity!

Good luck!

How does your kid explore her creativity? Which is your favorite creative activity for kids, do share with us.

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