Top 10 Learning School Activities For Kids

Learning School Activities For Your Kid

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Are you looking for some school activities for your students? Or are you a mommy who is homeschooling her kid and wants to find out some engaging school activities?

Whatever your requirement be, we bring you a list of school activities that would be perfect for kids from varied age groups.

Top Ten School Activities For Kids:

Here are ten school activities that your kids will surely love doing. Help your student or kid to do the following steps:

1. Make A Weather Wall:

Make A Weather Wall

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The weather symbol activity will help the kids identify and learn about various weather conditions. Activities for kids in school have to be full of fun and learning. These are in a way back to school activities for kids after a long vacation.

You Will Need:

  • A big chart paper
  • Smaller sheets of paper
  • Scissors
  • Colors
  • Pencils
  • Glue

How To:

1. Pin up the big chart paper on the class activity board.

2. Hand out a sheet of paper for each day.

3. Ask the kid to draw the weather symbol that

corresponds to the weather for that particular day – sunny, rainy, cloudy, cold, snowing, thundershowers and such.

4. Color the symbol using appropriate colors.

5. Help him cut it out and glue it up on the big chart paper.

6. Make a weather symbol for each day of the week.

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2. The Tree Of Books:

The Tree Of Books

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The reading activity will be a great way to encourage kids to read more. These are fun activities for kids at school.

You Will Need:

  • Construction paper in shades of yellow, green and brown
  • Plain white chart paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pins
  • Sandwich bags

How To:

1. Use the brown construction paper to cut out the trunk of the tree and its branches.

2. Paste the trunk and the branches on the white paper. Pin it up on the wall.

3. Use the green and yellow construction paper to cut out leaves. Keep them inside the sandwich bag.

4. Ask the kids to write the name of the book and author they are currently reading on the leaves.

5. Ask them to pin it to the ground next to the tree trunk.

6. Once they finish reading, they can add the leaf to the tree.

7. As kids read books, they will help their tree grow big. These are unique school activities for kids indeed.

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3. Draw The Paragraph:

Draw The Paragraph

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The activity will require the children to multitask. They need to listen, understand and imagine simultaneously.

You Will Need:

  • Any descriptive paragraph from a favorite storybook
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Color pencils

How To:

1. Read out an interesting paragraph that includes a lot of descriptive words and scenes.

2. Ask the children to close their eyes and form an image in their minds about the entire paragraph you read.

3. Now ask them to draw on the paper as per their imagination and fill it in with colors.

4. Let each one explain why he drew the particular picture and how he visualized the paragraph.

4. Going On A World Tour:

Going On A World Tour

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The world activity will help kids learn and revise about various popular destinations across different countries.

You Will Need:

  • Small pieces of paper
  • Pens

How To:

1. Write down the names of different countries on the pieces of paper. Write one name on each paper.

2. You could write down various country names like India, China, Thailand, Egypt, USA, Greece and so on.

3. Give each kid a paper and ask them to read the name they have on their paper.

4. Read out clues about each destination. Ask the kids to listen carefully. Whoever thinks he has the paper of that particular country will have to raise his hand.

5. Go across to see if the answer is correct. Continue with the rest of the clues.

5. Fun With Adverbs:

Fun With Adverbs

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The adverb activity will help kids learn more about English grammar. Activities for children in school always have to be a learning experience.

You Will Need:

  • A whiteboard
  • Marker pens
  • Cards with different adverbs written on them

How To:

1. Write an activity on the board, like ‘She is running in the park.’

2. Call out to one kid and show him one of the adverbs. Ask him to understand the adverb written on it and mimic it without speaking it aloud.

3. If the adverb is, ‘slowly,’ the kid has to act out the same.

4. Other kids have to guess the word. The kid who answers correctly gets the next chance to enact.


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