Top 10 Language Activities For Kids

Language Activities For Kids

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Language is one of the greatest achievements of mankind.The spoken and written word has the power to change the world. But it all starts slowly! With every word your child learns to speak, read and write, she is taking a step closer to becoming a leader.Language activities for kids are specially designed to help enhance their skills.

But what can you do to help your child develop her language skills? Well, for one, you can use her free time to build a good base!

Here are few language activities for kids that you can explore together with them:

1. The Phonics Game:

The Phonics Game

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Here is a very basic activity that can go a long way in developing your kid’s language skills. Playing word games that encourage your child to learn the sounds letters make is a great literary tool. You can play an ‘I Spy’ game. For example, ‘I spy with my little eye something that begins with a d sound’. Now let your child look around and find an object that begins with the lett

er D!

2. News Is Fun:

News Is Fun

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So, you think newspapers are for grownups? Not at all! The next time you are reading a newspaper, call your child over. Search for an interesting picture and let her watch as you read the headlines aloud. Doing so will not just help improve your child’s vocabulary but will also help her develop a love for news!

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3. Let’s Use Names:

Let’s Use Names

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If your kid is below three, this activity will be perfect for her. When you look at picture books with her, let her turn the pages. You can also point to a picture and ask your toddler to name the object.These language activities for children are so much fun.

4. Make A List:

Make A List

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If your child is already writing, let her make a list! When preparing to go grocery shopping, ask your kid to write down the things that you need at home. It is a great way to improve her vocabulary, as well as her writing skills.

5. What Do You Love To Do?

What Do You Love To Do

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What does your child love to do the most? Watch television? Play video games? Whatever it is, turn it into a matter that needs to be written down! Tell her to write down why she loves this particular activity or object. Doing so will help her learn how to express herself through words.

6. Learn About Time:

Learn About Time

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If your child is of the right age, you can help improve her language skills while teaching her the concept of time! Show her the calendar and ask questions like ‘when is your dance class’ Monday! ‘When did we go out to eat?’ Sunday! A great way to teach her the days of the week!

Or you can talk about seasons, like ‘when is Christmas?’ From there you can go on and discuss the concept of time in terms of hours, days, and even months!

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7. Dress Up:

Dress Up

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Kids love to dress up! Why not use the opportunity to improve your child’s language skills? You both can dress up as particular characters, like a teacher and student. Then you can both role play and have fun! It is a great way to improve your kid’s imagination too. You can teach her about different professions this way!

8. Read, Read, And Read Some More:

Read, Read, And Read Some More

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If you managed to make your child love books, you have done well! One of the best ways to improve your kid’s language skills, reading is also a great way to develop patience! So read with your child and help her explore the world of books.

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9. Cook And Talk:

Cook And Talk

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We are sure you never thought that cooking could be a great way to teach your child new words! Well, you can cook with your child and tell her about the process. Each word that you use is an addition to her growing vocabulary!

10. Write A Letter:

Write A Letter

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Today, when all communication takes place through the Internet, writing letters has become history. It is time to revive this dying art and put it to good use. If your little one wants to say I love you to her father, ask her to write it in a letter. If your kid is just learning to write, you can dictate the letter to help her pen it down. Such language art activities for kids are beneficial in developing their interest in various arts.

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Each of these activities can help groom your child’s literary skills. You can always tweak the activities to suit your child’s needs better.

So get started today! Your kid will thank you for it!

How do you assist your child when it comes to language development? Share your tips with us in the comments section below!

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