17 Amazing Educational Learning Activities For Kids

educational activities for kids

In this fast paced life and plethora of information available on the Internet, it is a difficult task to select educational and activity based learning for kids. There are a lot of indoor activities like playing video games, online games, etc., that kids these days indulge in. But such activities, instead of adding to the growth of your kid, numb their minds and make them lazy. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your kids involved in tasks that are not only engaging and help them learn something meaningful, but will also prepare them for the future.

Here is a list of 17 fun and learning activities for kids that will not only rejuvenate them but will also enable them to learn things:

1. Tree Planting And Gardening:

tree planting and gardening

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There can be nothing more educational and fun than teaching your kids about the importance of planting trees and saving the environment.

  • Planting a sapling with the help of your kid makes him feel responsible towards nature and the surroundings.
  • While doing so, you can teach your kid about the harmful effects of cutting down trees and deforestation.
  • Also, your kids would know the hazards that deforestation causes on nature as well as on other living beings, including humans.

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2. Play With Colors:

play with colors

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Your kids will love playing with colors.

  • Colorful patterns and images work best to elevate the mood as well as engage your kids in a recreational yet educational activity.
  • Your kids can play around with colors and try out different kinds of art and craft, viz., glass painting, still life painting etc.

3. Visit To A Museum Or Planetarium:

visit to a museum or planetarium

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A visit to a museum will help educate your kid in a fun way.

  • It will help them learn about different topics.
  • Also, for all the budding astronauts and astronomers, a visit to a planetarium will unfold hidden facts about the distant world of stars and planets.

4. Diary Writing:

diary writing

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A personal diary is your kid’s best friend wherein he can confide his secrets.

  • Diary writing is one of the healthy habits that your kids should develop from the very beginning.
  • This not only helps them distress, but also enhances their writing skills.

5. Playing With Numbers:

playing with numbers

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Teach your kids easy oral calculations and mind games.

  • You can do this through addition, subtraction and multiplication. This will sharpen the calculation skills of your kid and make him feel easy with numbers.
  • Encourage your kids to memorize tables, squares and cubes of numbers so that they can easily calculate things within no time.

6. Play With Grandparents:

play with grandparents

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Teach your kids to involve grandparents while playing games.

  • This will strengthen the bond between them and your kids will also learn to respect elders.
  • Encouraging such games is essential, especially in a nuclear family system, where kids do not get ample opportunity to spend much time with their grandparents.
  • Such activities break the barrier of nuclear family settings and spread love and happiness among the elders as well as kids.

7. Create Something Out Of Food:

create something out of food

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One of the many difficult tasks for any mother is to make her kid eat nutritious food.

  • Engage your kid to play with the fruits and vegetables by arranging them in a particular pattern that will attract his attention.
  • This may include decorating salads, making shapes and images with cut fruits and vegetables, etc. which can be useful in tempting your kid to eat the dish.

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