10 Best Wii Games For Kids

Wii Games For Kids

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Do you as a parent worry about the amount of time your kid is spending on his gaming console? You feel that even he may develop an aggressive and a violent nature. Are there any games which could be fun while playing? What do you think about Wii games for kids?

If you are one of those parents, who can relate yourself to the above lines. Read our post and end all your doubts, apprehensions and anxiety.

The most exciting thing in kids is games, and now we can convert our living room into a playground with a gaming console, it’s more fun quite addicting for kids. to kids. But we understand and know where to draw a line. So we have listed some of the best WII games that would also provide full-time entertainment to your child.

What Is Wii Games For Kids?

Wii is a home video game. Console was released by a Japanese company Nintendo in 2006. Some of the games listed down here are one of the best wii games for kids.Other gaming consoles which are popular among gamers are: XBOX

and the Sony Play station [1]

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2:

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a continuation or the sequel to an earlier version of the crash-hit galaxy-leaping creative game. It includes the gravity logics and physics practical lessons in the first game. So what’s new? Well, the kid could experience new galaxies, and there are some awesome features which for sure would be challenging yet delightful for kids.

As your kid would explore while playing, Mario and his faithful partner dinosaur Yoshi would fight back all their enemies. A new item which would be very helpful for your kid in this game is a drill, so our cute hero could use it to tunnel through a mountain.

Price – 34.98 $

Where To Buy – Amazon

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2. Super Mario Galaxy:

Your kid would love his gaming journey with his new friend Mario, who traverses galaxies and explains the principles of physics and gravity. How to fight evil and protect his land, is beautifully coded in this game. As most of this is in space, your kid would love Mario’s high jumps and kicks.

Price – 19.99 $

Where To Buy – Amazon

3. Donkey Kong Country Returns:

It’s a journey where the main characters, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are fighting the evil Tikis as they un-allegedly, captured Donkey Kong Island and stole Donkey Kong’s stash of bananas. And they will get it back. It’s a fun and adventurous series teaching your kid the virtue of friendship and goodness of life. It may happen that when you ask him who your favorite animal is, he may come up with an answer – Donkey! As most of this is in space, your kid would love Mario’s high jumps and kicks.

Price – 29.54 $

Where To Buy – Amazon

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4. New Super Mario Bros. Wii:

The best part of this game is that four players at a time could play, teaching your kid sportsmanship and team building. Kids could bring in their friends and have a gala time in front of you. A reason to smile for you. Isn’t?

Price – 24.99 $

Where To Buy – Amazon

5. Mario Kart Wii:

Mario and its tales, well this time Mario and his friends are out to enjoy go-karting. It’s a first of its kind as it needs a sharp mind of a racer to win the race. Kids need to expertise in the skill of balancing this special vehicle to win the race. It is one of the top wii games for kids.

Price – 35.34 $

Where To Buy – Amazon

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6. Super Paper Mario:

Are you ready for your kid for an out of the world experience? This game is beyond your imagination. The action drama which takes you to eight worlds with puzzles, mysteries, and illusions. It is not fantasy, but your kid may sure be willing to visit the Fairyland.

Price – 37.99 $

Where To Buy – Amazon

7. Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure:

If your kid loves solving puzzles or hidden treasures, he will be in love with this one. With a simple start and as you progress to later stages, the complexity increases, making your mind work harder and harder. Start giving him some almonds every day!

Price – 38.00 $

Where To Buy – Amazon

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8. Punch-Out!!:

A real punch out, where you are invited to march into a ring with Little Mac, along with some other cute characters Glass Joe, Don Flamenco and King Hippo. Who gets the last punch wins the race?

Price – 57.99 $

Where To Buy – Amazon

9. Sonic Colors:

The fight to win over evil and in this game, the evil is Dr. Eggman, who rules an alien race and our superhero with his action and adventures wins and frees the Aliens.

Price – 16.12 $

Where To Buy – Amazon

10. Wii Sports Resort:

A different set up from all the games listed above, this highlights a sports game on a beach. It’s easy to understand and comes with some deep and tough levels, just to challenge your kid.

Price – 44.79 $

Where To Buy – Amazon

Do let us know which game has been picked up by your kid!

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