Top 10 Indoor Activities For Children

Indoor Activities For Children

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With summer vacations looming large, it is the time of the year all mothers dread! Kids without school are a bored lot. Get ready to hear ‘I am bored’ a thousand times this summer!

If you are worried about ways to keep your kid out of the hot sun, you need kids indoor activities to keep engaged. We have just the thing for you!

Here are ten amazing indoor activities for kids to try out!

1. Animal Jumble:

Animal Jumble

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Here is an interesting indoor activity for kids that is sure to keep happy for hours! But the more kids you have on this activity, the better.

Assign each child a body part. Let him choose the animal of his choice. Remember, the body part, and animal should be a secret so that each child is unaware of what the other kid is drawing. You’ll need pencils and some construction paper. Once they are done, take the drawing and stick them together to create unique animals. If one child draws a lion head and the other the body of a goat, you’ll end

up with Lioat! You can let the kids get creative and choose names of their liking.

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2. Cookie Cutter Glitters:

Cookie Cutter Glitters

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Kids love all things glittery. So, let them have some fun at home with some glitters and cookie cutters!

You’ll need paper, glue, glitter, stickers and cookie cutters. Let the kids use the cookie cutters to trace various shapes on paper. Then spread glue over the shapes and let your kid decorate them with glitter and stickers.

Warning: Things can get messy with this activity. So be ready with your vacuum to clean up the mess once your kid has had enough.

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3. Picnic In The House:

Picnic In The House

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Kids love a good picnic. But you don’t need a park to set up a picnic! Organize a picnic at home!

Bring out the paper utensils and cups. And then get the food ready. Treat it like a real picnic! Make sandwiches and grab some fruits and cookies. Don’t forget to pack juice and something for dessert too! You can then spread a blanket in the kid’s room and let the fun begin! To make things realer, dress up for the party in summer clothes and hats!

4. Collages:


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Do you have some old magazines lying at home? Put them to good use now! Let your kid cut out pictures from the magazines. They can be use random pictures or can follow a theme. Then let them stick these pictures on a cardboard.

Warning: Be ready for a mess!

5. Indoor Hopscotch:

Indoor Hopscotch

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You can either use a ready-made hopscotch at home. Or better still draw out a hopscotch board on your floor with chalk and let your kid have fun!

6. Hum And Have Fun:

Hum And Have Fun

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Music can be an amazing way to keep your kid occupied for a few hours. You can play the guess the tune game. Hum a popular tune and let your kid guess the song! Whoever gets the song right becomes the next hummer. Guaranteed fun!

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7. Play Dress up:

Play Dress up

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Boys or girls – playing dress up is popular among all kids. Just check your wardrobe and bring out all the interesting clothes and accessories. Don’t forget your shoes and heels! Now let your kids have fun dressing up creatively.

8. Unseasonal Christmas:

Unseasonal Christmas

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Who said you need to wait till December for Christmas? You can let your kid have fun celebrating Christmas in the summer too! Bring out the Christmas music, decorations, and the food! Now decorate your house in Christmas festivities! An amazing way to pass a lazy afternoon.

9. Create A Time Capsule:

Create A Time Capsule

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A great way to explain the concept of future, time capsules can be a fun thing to do on a rainy day. Pick a year in the future. If you think that a year will be too much of a wait for your kid, you can also pick a nearer date! Now let your kid pack all the things he wants his future self to have in a box and bury it in the ground! Make him write a letter to his future self too! Don’t forget to mark the place with a board so that you can unearth it at the right time.

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10. Write Letters:

Write Letters

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Letter writing is a dying art. Teach your child the joy of handwritten letters with this activity. You can make him write to a sportsman, a politician or even a favorite relative. Help him write the letter and don’t forget to post it! He may even get a reply, who knows!

All these fun indoor activities for children are not just fun but can be used to teach your kid lessons too. So, don’t allow the summer sun sap your kid of his joy and happiness.

Use these fun indoor activities for kids and let him have the best time of his life!

How do you keep your child occupied indoors? Share your ideas with us!

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