10 Exciting Water Games Ideas For Kids

Water Games Ideas For Kids

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Feeling low about the summer? Beat the scorching heat with some lovely water games you can introduce to your kids. Let them not be always locked in the air-conditioned rooms for the fear of heat.

Take them under the sun and challenge the heat with few water games for kids that are given below:

1. Toy Wash:

With a pile of work to finish, it will be tough for you to find ways to entertain your kid some days. Add some fun to your daily chore by inviting your little one to wash her toys. A fun activity to do on a hot day, arrange a pool of water and bubbles beforehand. Now, let the girl have some fun by washing all her toys in the tub.

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2. Jump Water:

Bring the kid to your garden and open the garden hose. Run a strong steam back and forth in a zigzag manner beneath your child’s knee. You can even turn it into a competition game by pooling your kid’s friends too. Ask them to jump over it and manage not to get drenched. Whoever has a dry feet ba

gs the trophy!

3. Backyard Bath:

These are fun water games for kids.Look at this one.Now, this is more of a modification of your everyday routine of bathing your baby. The only difference is; this is going to mean real fun. Carry one of those colorful bathtubs of your baby to the garden. Pour some bubble bath into it and make a nice lather. Now, add some colorful bath toys on to the little pool. How about a collection of animal bath toys, all spread beautifully on the waters? Play some music and a splendid summer bath awaits your little darling.

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4. Balloon Game:

This is an interesting water balloon games for kids.Fill up few colorful balloons with water and tie them tightly. Slowly hand over one of them to your kid, who should be above four years of age. Ask her to manage playing with the water balloon as long as possible without breaking it. Keep aside few more water balloons ready. If at all one breaks, she is surely going to feel glum. Please her with the next water balloon in hand and bring her back to the game.

5. Water Gun:

Among all the water games for children this one is the most popular.One of the favorite water game tools of boys, there is no fun without a water gun. But make sure your little one is old enough to handle the water gun carefully. Let him not squeeze it with such pressure that it enters the ears of the kid playing next to him, or even into his ears. Always give the water gun for playing while under adult supervision.

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6. Freeze The Toys:

Place some of the favorite tiny toys of your kid in a freezer tray and pour water into it. When it freezes, you have some lovely pieces of toys within ice cubes. Give these ice cubes to your kid and let her have fun with it. Watch the excitement when she finds the ice melt and just the toy in her hands.

7. Water Balloon Spoons:

Fill up tiny water balloons and place it on spoons. Now play the egg race. First to cross the line with the balloon held intact to the spoon is the winner.This is one of the most fun among the many outdoor water games for kids.

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8. Sponge It All:

Give pieces of sponge to your kid and his friends. Also, provide two buckets for each of them, one empty and other full of water. Ask the kids to dip the sponge in the bucket full of water and squeeze the water into the empty bucket. Whoever fills the empty bucket first deserves the prize!

9. Ice Pops Treat:

Prepare some fresh juices of all flavors. Make it colorful by including ingredients like raspberry, strawberry, lemon, blueberry, etc. Now freeze these juices individually to make some colorful ice pops. Place the ice pops of different colors in a bowl and give it to your kid and even her friends. Let them together guess what the flavors in each of the ice pops are. Don’t forget to make them say the color of each ice pop aloud.

10. Freeze Your Feet:

Make your kid place his feet in a basin. Now empty a tray of ice cubes into the basin. Ask him to pick the ice cubes one by one and put into an empty bucket beside using his feet as fast as possible.
Bid adieu to the summer woes and embrace the heat with some chilling water games. You can even play with water cycle games for kids.Do you know more? C’mon share with us.

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