Top 5 Photo Frame Craft Ideas For Kids

photo frame craft for kids

As a parent, you might agree that managing your kids is a challenging task, especially when they are at home during a holiday or on a rainy day.

Your kids may feel bored of sitting at home without doing any interesting activities. Why not engage them is something creative, like crafts? It is also beneficial for them, as it enhances their imaginative skills. So to make such boring occasions bright and cheerful, here is our collection of photo rame crats for your kids.

Top 5 Photo Frame Craft Ideas For Kids:

We have compiled some interesting photo frame ideas for kids. Don’t worry as you don’t have to spend too much to make these beautiful frames. Most of the material you can easily find in your home!

However, remember to assist your kids, when they are involved in activities like cutting papers or other craft materials using scissors.

1. Basic Photo Frame:

basic photo frame

Via Pinterest

Suited for kids aged 6 years and above.

Materials Needed:

You have to arrange for materials like:

  • Craft stick, at least 4.
  • Cardboard
  • Glue stick
  • Poster paints
  • Brushes for painting
  • Scissors
  • Scale
  • Pencils
  • A photograph which needs to be framed.
  • Strings or magnets for the photo frames.
  • Glitters, craft foam, felt material and buttons

How To Do It?

  • The first step is to ask your kids to decide on a shape they prefer.
  • Make them paint the craft sticks based on their preferences.
  • Tell your kids to glue the painted craft sticks in square or rectangular shape as soon as they dry up.
  • Your kids can do some designing on these sticks with your help. They can stick some glitters or buttons to decorate it.
  • Now ask your kids to trace the outer lines of the frame on a cardboard.
  • You can also draw a smaller square inside the bigger one drawn on the cardboard.
  • Help your kids to cut the board out along its inner outlines.
  • Now stick the cardboard on the craft sticks to represent its base.
  • Now your kids can stick a photograph in the centre of the photo frame.
  • After that, ask your kids to stick the strings or magnet pieces behind it to hang it on the wall.

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2. The Card Collector Photo Frame:

the card collector photo frame

Via Pinterest

This one is appropriate photo frame craft for kids aged 5 years and above.

Materials Needed:

You need:

  • CD Cases
  • Cellophane Tape
  • Construction Paper
  • White glue
  • Some cards
  • Safety scissors

How To Do It?

  • The first step is to help your kids to cut a piece of construction paper in square shape to fit the CD case.
  • Place the card at its centre and trace the outline for your kids.
  • The rectangle you trace must be cut in three-fourth of the size of what you previously traced.
  • Let your kids use the glue to stick each corner of the square along the opposite sides of the traced lines.
  • Your kids have to stick that square inside the transparent side of the CD cover.
  • Let them cut one strip from the construction paper of about five inches and one inch in length and width.
  • Your kids must also cut another piece of construction paper in the measurements of one and four inches.
  • Now tell your kids to lay the cards with its centre at the hole that you had cut to the centre of the square.
  • Next, your kids can lay down the strips of papers at the backside of the cards.
  • Let your kids tape down the edges of the strips so that it holds the cards in its right place.
  • Now your kids can close the CD cover.
  • You can hang up the frame on the walls or place it on the fridge with the aid of magnets.

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