Top 10 Animal Crafts & Activities For Kids

animal crafts

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Want to go on a safari with your kid? Well, it can be fun as you allow your wild imagination to travel to the farthest places while engaging in craft and activity projects with your kid.

Fun animal projects are one of the best ways to bond with your little one. You can try with the weirdest options like straws, toilet tissues and simple scraps of papers to come out with wonderful creations.

Top 10 Interesting And Easy Animal Crafts For Kids To Make:

You can use recycled stuffs for your kid’s craft projects for school. This is a good way to encourage her to think out of the box and make use of simple things that would be otherwise discarded. Here are our top 10 kids animal crafts ideas:

1. Egg Carton Owl:

egg carton owl

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To make the owl, you need to help your kids through some simple steps.

  • Draw and paint the body of an owl on a brown paper bag.
  • Cut out the wings and ears separately and paste them on the body of the owl.
  • Use glue to attach the eyes and fe
    et on the body.
  • Your owl will come alive when you attach the wiggle eyes.

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2. Paper Loop Chick:

paper loop chick

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The steps for making a paper loop chick are pretty simple. Here we shall have a look:

  • Cut a strip of 2″ yellow paper.
  • Paste the two ends with glue to make a loop.
  • Take a pipe cleaner and cut it into half.
  • Cut off 2″ from both pieces.
  • Make the feet by twisting around the remaining pieces.
  • Glue at the bottom of the feet.
  • Draw the beak and the eyes.
  • Glue feathers on both sides.
  • Your chick is ready!

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3. Octopus Craft:

octopus craft

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This can be a wonderful animal activity for kids and a good way to improve her math and motor skills.

  • Draw a picture of an octopus to make a template and place on purple foam to cut out the foam octopus.
  • Make googly eyes and attach a red yarn to make a smiling face of your octopus.
  • Glue pony beads on the legs. Your kid now has a new companion to play with.

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4. Froggie Baseball Hat:

froggie baseball hat

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To make this hat, you need to follow the instructions given below:

  • Mix paint to use in the hat.
  • Dip round applicator in the green color paint. Place the applicator above the bill and turn it in circular motion to create large circles. This should be repeated on both sides of the eye.
  • Allow it to dry.
  • Make two eyes with the white paint. Once they dry up, use the black color to make the pupils.
  • Paint the eyebrows to create a bulging eye effect.
  • Draw the tongue and glue on the underside of the bill.

5. Bendable Magnetic Animals:

bendable magnetic animals

Via Pinterest

The fuzzy bendable magnets are easy to make and are great to play with as well. You can use them as refrigerator magnets and pose your kid’s incredible creations.

  • All you need are colored fuzzy thick pipe cleaners and magnets in the shape of doughnuts.
  • You can turn and twist the pipes to get your desired animal shape and attach the donut shaped magnets on them.

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