Top 5 Finger Puppet Craft Ideas For Your Kids

finger puppets for kids

There is nothing that can be more fun than bonding with your little one over some fun craft involving scissors, glue, glitter and some creativity.

Finger puppets are traditional yet an interesting way of engaging kids into creative activities. Pick your child’s favorite story and create finger puppets with its characters to get more engrossed in the story and soon you may find your little one doing a puppet performance for you with his little magical fingers.

Things You Need:

  • Color construction paper (preferably thick paper)
  • Extra bits (wobbly eyes, colored sequins, stones, wool hair)
  • Marker and colored sketch pens
  • Needle and thread

How To Make Finger Puppets?

Making finger puppets is a fairly easy activity, but of course your kid needs adult supervision, since scissors are used to cut materials. The steps involved in this process are:

1. Tracing Out On A Paper: Trace out your kid’s finger on any paper, leaving about 1centimeter extra on all sides stopping just below her knuckles. You w

ould be using this trace out for the finger puppets.

2. Cutting Out Color Paper: You would need to cut out two pieces, front and back. Let your child draw eyes, colored beaks, smiles and all that your imagination wants you to on both the sides. She can also do wings for butterfly puppets, a hat for clown puppet and so on.

3. Sew Them Both Together: Help or supervise your child to sew the top and bottom sides together with a hem or a running stitch. If you don’t want to sew, you can use hot glue but that could just get a little messy.

4. Play With Materials: Instead of using color paper. Your child can also use craft cloth like velvet to create beautiful little finger puppets that are long-lasting.

Top 5 Paper Finger Puppets For Kids:

Finger puppets are a great fun way to bring story, creativity, activity and fun for your kids in the most constructive form. Here are some attractive finger puppets for kids to make!

1. Rubber Glove Puppets:

rubber glove puppets

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If you have some old rubber gloves lying around in the house, it’s time to put them to some great use.

  • Open up your craft box to your child! She will be delighted to grab some googly eyes, pretty sequins and wool and go ahead and cut off the fingers of the rubber gloves.
  • Let her decorate the socks with any element as her imagination inspires her to.

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2. Sock Puppets:

sock Puppetp

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Do you have some old socks lying around that you think you can put to some good use instead of just throwing them away? Well, we have just the thing you can do.

  • Give these old colorful socks to your child and let her fix them up with some eye buttons and wooly hair.
  • Now, your old socks are transformed into fun finger puppets, ready for a great fun show.

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3. Paddle Popsticks:

paddle popsticks

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You may think this could be a task in itself but it isn’t. Ask your child to collect some paddle pop sticks, craft foam and some colorful decorations. This one is an easy and fun finger puppet for kids.

  • Let your kid cut out the shapes you need for the puppets and stick them up
  • Now, watch characters come live straight out of your child’s imagination.

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4. Farm Animals:

farm animals

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A mooing cow or a naughty pig or a cute little chick can all come live into your homes with this fun finger puppet idea.

  • Make your kid’s favorite farm friends come home with this activity.
  • Let your child work on some color felt paper, little beads, some cotton wool. Help her get everything sewed up together into the animal of their choice.

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5. Story Time Puppets:

story time puppets

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If your child doesn’t seem too interested in craft activities it would be a great idea if you could get your child to create puppets out of their favorite story books.

You would be surely in for a surprise because we guarantee you the next finger puppet show you would be watching would be put up by your own kid.

So go on and get creative with your kids by making finger puppets for kids mentioned! If you have any other interesting finger puppet activity, please share them with us in the section below!

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