10 Cute Wall-E Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones

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Do you want your child to indulge in some educational activities this vacation rather than spend time playing games or on the computer? Are you looking for some coloring pages from his favorite movie Wall-E? If you said yes, you might want to read our post.

Wall- E is an animated science fiction film produced by Pixar. It is a story about Wall- E, who discovers a purpose in life after years of loneliness, when he meets a search robot EVE. He follows EVE into outer space on an adventure that changes the destiny of both droids and humanity. Here are ten amazing Wall-E coloring pages that your kid is sure to enjoy.

1. Wall-E:

Wall- E is the titular character of the movie. His name is an acronym for Waste Allocation Load Lifter. He is a highly inquisitive and curious robot. Even though Wall-E follows all the instructions obediently, he gets distracted at times and starts collecting the trash rather than compacting it.

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2. EVE:

EVE is the acronym of Extraterrestrial V

egetation Evaluator. She is the female lead in the film. EVE has all the parts required for a probe droid. She has a scanner, an ergonomic shape, and flexible fingers and can fly at high speed. She is a focused droid whose aim is to scan for the signs of plant life on earth.

3. M-O:

M-O, Microbe-Obliterator, is one of the tritagonist in the film. He is a robot that cleans contaminated items. M-O is a neat freak. He likes to keep things free from foreign contaminants. He is a hardworking droid and does everything to complete his task. M-O travels around on a roller that comes equipped with all the cleaning tools.

4. John:

John is another human passenger in the Axiom. John and Mary fall in love with each other after seeing Wall-E and EVE dancing. John is a blonde haired man with a rounded figure, just like the other humans on board. John and Mary provide comic relief in the film.

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5. Mary:

Mary is one of the female human passengers on the Axiom. Just like other people, Mary is also obese. She is a kind and helpful lady who rescues many babies when AUTO turns the ship over. At the end of the film, she returns to the earth with other passengers aboard the Axiom. She has red hair that she ties in a ponytail.

6. Go-4:

This is one of the interesting wall e coloring pages free to print, shows Wall-E with Go-4. Go-4 is the secondary antagonist of the film. He is the unit that oversees the security operations aboard the spacecraft. Go-4 is tiny in size. It has a red police light on top of his body. Go-4 has a cold personality. He is hostile to almost everyone except his master.

7. Captain B McCrea:

Captain B McCrea is one of the primary characters in the film. He is the Axiom’s captain. He is an overweight man who always wears his small captain coat and hat. The Captain’s main goal is to drive the Axiom colony back to the earth. As for the powers, the Captain has a control over Axiom’s communication system.

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8. The Trio:

This is one of the cute wall e colouring pages, featuring the famous trio- Wall-E, EVE, and M-O. In the coloring sheet, Wall-E and EVE are discussing their next venture while M-O is busy cleaning. The coloring sheet exemplifies the friendship and love these droids have for each other.

9. Wall-E and EVE:

Here is a coloring sheet of Wall-E and EVE, the lovebirds of the film. Wall-E falls in love EVE the day he sees here. He becomes extremely protective of EVE. Wall –E was also instrumental in EVE’s development and growth. Even EVE was very hostile initially but warms up after befriending Wall-E.

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10. PR-T:

PR-T is one of the supporting characters in the film. She is a robotic hairdresser in the Axiom spacecraft. PR-T is a very chirpy and talkative character, primarily because of the voice chip inside her. PR-T- has more than eight arms that are lighter in color than her body. She can also rotate her body to exchange the arms.

Hope you liked our collection of free printable wall-e coloring pages. Your little sci-fi fan will start weaving imaginative stories as he colors these diagrams. You can also watch the movie with him this weekend. It will help him paint these wall-e coloring sheets better. If you have any suggestion or feedback, then please leave us a comment below.

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