25 Theme Based Ants Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love


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They are everywhere; in your kitchen, in the garden, around the office. You just cannot miss their long queues working diligently all day long. They are known to be one of the most resilient and hard working species. In fact, they have a movie dedicated to them. I’m talking about ants.

Have you ever noticed how your kids are fascinated by ants? They love watching the insects move up and down the wall or across the floor. Using this inherent interest for teaching kids is a brilliant idea.

Theme-Based Coloring:

Coloring is an activity which stimulates motor skills in kids, provides visual appeal, enhances creativity and is a great way to spend time.

  • Coloring can also be used as an aid to teac
    h various concepts to young ones. You just have to choose the right theme and color exercises which can also be used as learning tools.
  • Working with a theme ensures that kids get to practice with a specific object and pay more attention to the knowledge that is shared through the images.
  • It is also fruitful in generating interest in mundane tasks like counting or reading.

Best 10 Ants Coloring Pages For Kids:

Having ants as the theme of coloring exercises for your kids will be fun, and you will get myriad images to choose from. Here are some ants coloring pages free which we have picked for you:

1. Learning Alphabet With Ant:

Let us start with the simplest one.

This picture will teach the letter A and spell ant for your toddler who is just getting started with alphabets. The coloring part is also pretty easy.

2. Ant With Grapes:

Here’s another simple image of an ant carrying a bunch of grapes.

Kids can color the fruits in various hues. It will also teach them how an ant can carry a heavy load, which is many times more than its own weight.

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3. Hail To Queen Ant:

This one is bit complicated coloring exercise and is suited for teaching controlled coloring for kids. The minute details in the picture will give a lot of options to the kids to use various colors as they wish and get innovative.

Plus, they will also learn about the hierarchy that ants follow.

4. Count The Ants:

Coloring pages like this one will make the child familiar with counting in a fun filled way. You can make your own version by adding or removing a few ants from the picture to teach numbers.

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5. The Ant Army:

If your kids are learning about language and grammar, then this one is perfect for them. They will color the picture and learn about the collective noun ‘an army of ants’.

6. Ant Love Story:

Coloring this lovely ant couple will be enjoyable for your kids. You can also weave a sweet little story around the image, on how the brave ant saves the princess ant from the terminators.

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7. The Proverbial Ants:

This one will sure teach some good values along with coloring. It has a proverb based on ants and glorifies their wise ways of working.

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8. Paint With Ants:

See how the tiny ants are drawing and painting. Children will love these smiling insects and will get inspired to paint with bright colors.

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9. Facts On Ants:

This is an uncomplicated coloring assignment, but with some good information on ants. So, it will enhance the general knowledge of your kids and boost their curiosity about other species.

10. In the Ant Farm:

Lastly, here is one coloring page which features your kid as well. Apart from coloring the page, kids can learn about how ants live and collect food. Creating an ant farm like this can be a wonderful idea for a small science project.

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Hope you liked these free printable ant coloring pages. The best part is that an ant based theme offers something for all age groups. You can download all these coloring pages of ants and let your kids learn as they color. Helping them with the task and sharing ideas will develop the bonding between you and your child.

Tell us which one your kids loved to color in the section below.