5 Useful Tips To Help Your Teen Deal With Stress

Tips To Help Your Teen Deal With Stress

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Do you feel your teen is behaving differently of late? Is your teen suddenly performing poorly in school? Is your teen spending sleepless nights? Well, if you have been nodding your head along, it is likely that your teen may be suffering from stress.

Parents don’t have to resort to complicated analytical methods to know when their children are unhappy and stressed. Want to know five simple tips to help your teen beat the blues away?

Read on to know how to do stress management for teens:

Stress Test:

There are many signs of distress teens display that indicate they are suffering from anxiety and stress. These signs may range from subtle to obvious. The stress test for teens consists of a lot of markers. Here are a few pointers to note throughout a week’s time to understand your teen’s behavior and stress levels better.

  • Is your teen suddenly suffering from a loss of appetite?
  • Is your teen performing poorly in academics or sports?
  • Has your teen suddenly turned a recluse
    and withdrawn from his friends?
  • Is your teen moody or sullen or quieter than usual?
  • Is he complaining of aches of late?
  • Is he suddenly showing an aggressive streak?
  • Is he suffering from fatigue?
  • Is your teen reluctant to go to school?
  • Is your teen complaining of heart palpitations or difficulty in breathing?
  • Is your teen sad or tense?

If your observations are in the affirmative to most of the above questions, it is likely that your teen is under stress Stress management for teens is an effective option nowadays.

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Five Tips To Help Your Teen Deal With Stress:

Parents can do a lot to help their teens manage stress well. Here are few tips for stress management for teens.

1. Accept It:

Gone are the days when stress was a bane of adulthood. Now childrens of all ages suffer from varying degrees of stress. Acceptance of the problem is half the battle won. The worse thing to do would be to assume it is nothing and wait for it to resolve it by itself. It might resolve by itself but then it may happen again. Acceptance of the problem will help you take the appropriate measures to help your teen overcome stress. This way will go along way in helping teens cope with stress

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2. Be Gentle:

At times, asking your teens about their concerns may produce answers. At other times, they may not respond at all. In either scenario, it helps to be gentle with them or else you may aggravate their stress. Respect their responses and give them time to confide in you.

3. Be Present:

In the scenario where your teen may be rejecting your offer of help, it helps to withdraw a little but still be present. Let them know that while you respect their need for space, you are there when they are ready to accept help.

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4. Seek Help:

If you have respected your teen’s need for time and space but see no improvement in his anxiety. It is time to seek help. Talk to his teachers to assess his behavior at school. Consult a counselor or your family doctor and seek their expert opinion.

5. Demonstrate Love:

Or show them tough love if the need arises for it. If the symptoms of your teen’s stress persist for long, then take measures to help them whether they like it or not. You gave them space so they can’t complain about it. Ask them to accompany you for long nature walks or for a nice family outing. Convince them to go for a counseling session at least once. Do whatever is necessary to help them keep stress at bay. Your teen may not appreciate your help now but eventually he would be grateful for it.

Teen stress is manageable with gentle love, care and in some cases expert help. Did your teen suffer from signs of stress? What measures did you take to help him? Please share your experience and advice with us.

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