10 Must Things To Pack In A New Mom's Survival Kit

Things To Pack In A New Mom's Survival Kit

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So are you all set to have a baby? Or wait, is your best gal pal gearing up for mommyhood? Whatever be the case, we are sure you are already planning a baby kit that can come in handy in emergency situations.

While the entire world will focus on bringing those gifts for the new arrival, why not make the new mommy feel special too? We feel that the momma needs as much pampering and help as the little one! Read on to know what all you should pack in a new mommy survival kit!

What Is A New Mommy Survival Kit?

Being a new mom is one of the toughest jobs ever! With so much to do and a fragile baby who needs your constant care, there is hardly any time left for mommy. A new mom survival kit is a simple package that contains all the essentials and the not so essentials that a mom may find handy.

Ten Things To Pack In A New Mom Survival Kit:

The list can go on and on, but to keep it simple and useful, here are ten things that should find a place in the mommy survival kit for


1. A Cute And Comfortable Onesie With Feet:

Your baby will change clothes at the drop of a hat, especially during the first few days. You may have breastfed and burped your baby and put her in a new dress. The next thing you know, she has soiled her clothes and needs an urgent change. A comfortable onesie will be handy in such situations. Go for one that has closed feet to avoid the need for separate socks.The new mommy survival kit will help you through your tough days.

2. Facial Wipes:

With so much unfolding and unloading over you, you will hardly get the time for a wash, forget a shower. A facial wipe will come in handy to clean your face while providing some refreshing respite to your tired and sleepy eyes. Buy wipes that have a mild fragrance or no scent at all.

3. Tinted Lip Balm:

Truth is – a new mommy does not get time for makeup. Consider it impossible for a few weeks at least. But this is also the time when friends and family will be pouring in to meet and bless the new one. So what do you have? A tinted lip balm can work wonders! It can sort your worries about having a new mommy haggard face. Not only will it moisturize and hydrate your lips, but it will also add that pop of color to brighten your visage.

4. Dry Shampoo:

For a new mom, taking a relaxing shower is a luxury, and shampooing is a distant dream. A dry shampoo will help you manage your mane menace. A dry shampoo can help instantly clean your greasy hair and spruce up your look.

5. A Scented Candle:

Agreed, feeding and burping a baby and changing diapers does not paint a pretty picture! But a scented candle can lift your mood, and that is why it finds a place in this kit. Get one that does not have a strong fragrance as your baby is your new roomie!

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6. Eye Pads:

Eye pads can help you catch on forty winks even when there are others around you.

7. A Bottle Of Baby Lotion:

True, your dresser will be full of baby products, but you need some creams to pamper yourself too. The best way to nourish your skin is to use a baby lotion. You need to have soft hands as you will be handling your delicate darling most of the time. Avoid using the regular hand creams as you don’t want any chemicals to touch your baby’s skin.

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8. A Graphic Novel:

Feeding times can be long and boring, and a graphic novel is a great way to break the monotony. Keep something that is an easy read.

9. A Pair Of Socks:

The first few weeks after giving birth, your body goes through a lot of temperature fluctuations. A pair of comfortable socks will help keep you warm and snug.

10. A Compact Mirror:

A mirror is a woman’s best friend! As you don’t have the luxury of rushing to the restroom for a quick touch-up, add a compact mirror to the kit. It is doubly good if it comes with a luminous compact.

The new mom survival kit is a quick and easy way to add some help and cheer to those first few weeks after you give birth. Feel free to add or subtract items as per your choice and need.

Did you make a new mom survival kit for yourself or a friend? What all did you put in it? Please do share your tips and advice with us here.

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