How To Bathe A Baby - With Detailed Step By Step Instructions

Bathe A Baby

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Congratulations on the arrival of your little one! Your baby will open up doors to a lot of new avenues for you. You will find yourself exploring territories never even thought of before. While you deal and face most ‘firsts’ with a smile; certain firsts seem a little daunting.

Bathing your baby can be one such task. You get terrified at the very thought of hurting your little one even by mistake. Your precious baby’s soft and tender body needs special care and attention while baby bathing. This can prove to be quite a tricky task, especially if you are not sure you can hold your baby well.

Rest assured, as a parent, your instincts and love is all that your darling needs to be safe, added with a few extra precautionary measures.

Baby Bath – How Often?

This one is a very common question that you may have as a mother to a newborn is how often to bathe your baby. Here are a few possible scenarios and the answers to your query:

  • If Your Baby Is Just A Few Weeks Old:

You probably need not bathe him completely. Simply use a damp washcloth or a soft sponge. Wash your baby’s hands, feet, legs and face whenever required. Make sure you wipe and clean his genitals thoroughly after every diaper change. Keep the area around the umbilical cord area dry.

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  • About Umbilical Cord Drying Up:

When you see your baby’s umbilical cord has dried up or fallen off and healed, then get ready for tub baths. It would be safer to use your bathroom or kitchen sink or a small tub to bathe your baby.

  • If Your Baby Is A Few Months Old:

You can have a lot of splashing fun with your baby in a baby pool, using a regular bucket and mug or even the shower set on low.

  • If Your Baby Is A Toddler:

You can bathe your toddler in a bathtub or a standard tub. Even a hand shower can be used.

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How To Bath A Baby – Detailed Step By Step Instructions:

Here is a step-by-step guide that tells you how to bathe your baby.

1. First of all, gather all the necessary supplies that you would need to bathe your baby. Get baby soap, shampoo, towel, clothes, diaper, ointment, moisturizer and baby powder.

2. Ensure the room temperature is a little warm. Your baby will feel cozy and enjoy the bathing.

3. Fill the tub with warm water, not hot water. Always apply inside-wrist check to confirm the temperature of the water.

4. Undress your baby in a safe and dry room before getting him to the bathing area.

5. Never put your baby straight into the water. Gradually slip him inside the tub. This way, your darling gets time to get used to the water temperature and eventually starts enjoying.

6. Always ensure you are holding your baby with one hand, throughout bath time. Put your hand on the neck to hold him up from the head. If he can steadily support the head, make sure you keep a hand on his back.

7. Now slowly pour little amount water at a time. So that your baby should not get cold.

8. Use a mild soap in very little quantity. Too much soap can dry your baby’s skin out. Babies get very wriggly when wet and especially with soap. Be very careful in holding your baby. Also, do not use soap each day; you can apply it every alternate day or every two to three days.