10 Useful Tips For New Dads To Bond With The Baby

10 useful tips for new dads to bond with the baby

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As a dad-to-be, you have loved the anxious moments of waiting along with your partner to see your newborn baby. If you thought your job was over as soon as the baby arrives, brace yourself as there is plenty to do.

You need to be around to make sure that both your partner and baby are taken good care of, especially in the first two weeks after delivery.

Apart from all the running around, a lot of emotional support will also be expected out of you from your partner in the initial weeks of settling into parenting.

10 Newborn Tips For Dads:

Here are some useful tips for new dads to handle their newborn:

1. Cut The Cord:

If the hospital allows you inside the delivery room, take the honor of cutting your baby’s cord.

  • Cutting the cord leaves a significant lifetime memory for both you and your little one.
  • Consult the doctor or midwife who will guide you with the process.
  • Usually this is done after the surgical team clamps the cord.

2. Take Pictures Or Make A Movie:

Filming a small video of your partner delivering the child or taking a series of memorable pictures is a great idea.

  • These images and visuals will be for a lifetime.
  • Make sure that your partner is suitably dressed and presentable while filming.

3. Cuddles & Kisses:

Make sure you give plenty of kisses and cuddles to your newborn child. This comes naturally to fathers but being mindful of the same is equally important.

  • This will form the initial connect with your baby. Your partner will need plenty of rest in the first few days after delivery.
  • Make the most of this time by bonding with your infant. Hold your darling right and carry around in the hospital corridors. The memory lasts forever.

4. A Little Extra Love For Her:

Your partner gave you the best gift in the whole world. The least you can do is shower her with some physical gestures of love.

  • Kiss her on her forehead, get her some red roses, indulge her with some gifts, etc.
  • Stay by your partner’s side as she recovers from the physical exhaustion. This will mean priceless to her.

5. Dress Your Baby:

You will absolutely love this job.

  • Dressing your baby with new clothes and changing the nappies gets you have some fun while you engage in the chores.
  • Take tips from the nursing staff about dressing your baby right.
  • You can also hand over your freshly dressed baby to your partner for breastfeeding.

6. Help Your Partner:

While most of the post natal care is taken care of by the hospital staff, you can also hang around and lend a helping hand.

You can hand over little things, get medicines from the pharmacy, help with baby while your partner takes a bath – all these matter the most to you and her as a family.

7. Invite Select Friends:

You can call your closest friends and family to the hospital to take a first look at your baby.

  • A little social group will also ease your partner a bit while coping from the childbirth.
  • Sharing smiles and happiness increases an air of positivity around your baby.

8. Take Your Baby Around:

Taking small walks holding your newborn away from the hospital room will help your infant get some fresh air. This way, your partner will also get to rest a little.

9. Sort Out The Bags:

As you are the only one who will be fully mobile, you can keep replacing the necessities in the hospital bag.

  • You can take the old clothes home from the hospital and get the fresh supplies on the way back.
  • You can also take care of the contents in the bag and if anything extra is required by your partner in the process of recouping.

10. Help Your Partner Settle Down:

It will take a while for your partner to adapt to the changes after bringing the baby home. You can be around and help her settle down easily.

Hand her things to relax like a music player or her phone as she battles with her mental self to prep for the oncoming motherhood. You can be a part of it too.

Being a dad starts right from day one. You will have an equal share of excitement and anxiety, even though it’s your partner who has a bigger responsibility ahead.

You can participate as much as you can and enjoy the little joys of being a parent. After all, parenting is all about those ‘little things’!

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