4 Helpful Tips To Prepare Your Child For Preschool

Child For Preschool

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Just the other day you brought home your little bundle of joy, and already, it is time to start preparations for sending your baby to pre-school! It is true that time really flies by when you have a little one at home.

Starting pre-school will be a big milestone for your child, something that needs much preparation in advance. Just as you are anxious to see how it works for your child on the first day, your child too is equally nervous and may ask you millions of questions and try your patience.

This is absolutely normal, as the transition from home to preschool can create all types of strange, confusing, surprising and mixed feelings in your child.

4 Tips On How To Prepare Your Child For Preschool:

As a parent, you can make this transition a lot easier for your child by following a few steps. The idea is to create a routine and make things transparent for your child. Here are 4 tips on how to prepare toddler for preschool.

1. Keep The Preparation Time Full Of Fun:

Make sure you do not create a routine that will make learning just a chore for your child.

  • At this age, it should be more like an activity or an educational outing.
  • You can get more guidance from preschool teachers on how to prepare your child for kindergarten.
  • Try and play “school-school” at home. Do some fun role plays, where you create a pre-school environment in your home. Let your child experience how it will be like.
  • Make a play date and set up the time like a pre-school. Let all the children play students in a class.
  • These ‘role-play’ activities will prepare your child mentally for pre-school while also creating an interest in the same.

2. Make Your Toddler More Social:

Your child has spent most of his time with you till now. So it is natural that he will find it difficult to get along with new children and create friendships.

  • Suddenly finding many new faces around, like teachers, school staff and students, may make it difficult for your child to interact and share.
  • Weeks before you actually send your darling to the preschool, start letting him spend some time with a group of children.
  • You can enroll him in group activities where you too can take part. This will give him enough time to be introduced to a new social atmosphere with you at his side for guidance.
  • Eventually, when it is time to go to the kindergarten, he will just fit in the new social atmosphere of the school.

3. Provide Him The Right Information:

Going to pre-school will be the first time for your child when he is going out on his own. As a parent, you need to guide your toddler and prepare him or her mentally by providing truthful information.

  • Never belittle his concerns or fears by saying that he does not have to be afraid of anything as everything will be just all right.
  • Instead, make your child aware about what to expect in the kindergarten, what he is expected to do and what he will be facing in the classroom.
  • You can take him to the classroom, make a round of the school premises and introduce him to the various sections of the school and the teachers when the class is going on.
  • Reading good storybooks related to schools, such as Preschool Day Hooray! By Linda Leopold Strauss orGoing to School by Anne Civardi can also help.

4. Special Good-Bye Ritual:

Since this is going to be the first time when your child will be saying good-bye to you, even though just for couple of hours, you need to make the process easier on him.

  • Your toddler may think that you may not come back or go away for long hours.
  • To relieve him or her of this anxiety, you can develop a parting ritual.
  • It can be a phrase, or an action, like a high five and so on.


Make the first day preparation slow and steady.

  • Do not push him or make him rush to the school.
  • The more calm you keep at home, the better prepared he will be to face his first few preschool days.
  • In case you are getting teary-eyed, make sure your child does not see the same.
  • Keep up a happy and cheerful face while sending him off to school.

Of course we know that you too need some time for preparing your mind, and your heart, as you are equally nervous to see how he behaves on the first day of his preschool and are going to miss him too.

Use this time apart to indulge in a favorite hobby, or pamper yourself with a couple of hours at the spa. And do let us know your special tips on how to prepare your child for preschool by sharing them in the comments section below.

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