How To Pick The Right Maternity Bra?

Maternity Bra

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Pregnancy is the ideal time to rework your lingerie wardrobe. With your breasts slipping into larger sizes with every trimester, you will realize it is time to bid adieu to your old bras. Treat yourself with a maternity bra that comfortably carries you through pregnancy into the lactating days.

What Is A Maternity Bra?

Maternity Bras are specially designed bras made to give added support to the growing bust in pregnancy. Often fitted and sold by trained experts, an average lingerie cannot give the comfort a maternity bra can provide. (1)

Maternity bras are mostly made of soft materials specifically meant to give comfort to aching and sensitive nipples. Some of them have cups that open to carry you into nursing. (2)

Why Should I Buy A Maternity Bra?

It is very common to hear many new mothers complain about stretch marks on their breasts. It happens mainly because of the insufficient support their breasts received before and after pregnancy. Regular bras do not meet th

e needs of a pregnant or lactating woman. While maternity bras, on the other hand, ensure your heavier and more sensitive breasts to get enough support, eliminating the possibility of developing stretch marks later in life.

By accommodating the expanded rib cage, such bras, reduce the strain on the chest muscles. Maternity bras also help you with your posture towards your final semester from getting back pain. It is because; the spine has to bear the extra weight of heavier breasts. (3)

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When To Buy Maternity Bra?

As soon as you start feeling uncomfortable in your existing bra in pregnancy, it is time to move on to a maternity bra. Unlike many other parts of the body, the breasts are supported by ligaments and not muscles. With hormonal changes making enough impact on these ligaments during pregnancy, it is important to take enough care of your breasts. (4)

Changes in the breast size can be visible from eight to ten weeks onwards. But, the fourth month of pregnancy is associated with visible changes in breast size in pregnancy. Hence, it would be preferable to approach a professional fitter who will help you choose an appropriate bra for pregnancy and another for breastfeeding. (5)

Who Might Not Need A Maternity Bra?

Women with a shorter physique might not need a maternity bra at all. The best option would be a good supporting bra in a larger size. Usually, the recommended size is a cup size larger to the existing one with a diameter that is one to two inches bigger. (6)

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What To Consider While Choosing One?

Firm, elastic wide straps should be one very important thing to look for in your maternity bra. Some others must-have features of the bra which include broadsides, a thick underbust band, and a deep cup, together preventing your breasts to bounce and, therefore, they will be held firm. Here is how to buy a maternity bra:

  • A minimum of four rows of back eyes will be good. It will help you in using the same bra for a longer time in spite of exceeding the size in a short while. Look for a band with at least 5% spandex.
  • Try to focus on your comfort more than the feeling of appearing sexy in lingerie. So, go for a bra that fully covers your breasts.
  • Cotton is always the best when it comes to buying lingerie. Especially with pregnancy accentuating the heat in the body, go for a cotton one.(7)
  • Give least preference to under wired bras as these can become uncomfortable when your breasts are full in lactation. (8)
  • Buy at least three maternity bras. One to wear, another to wash and one always ready!
  • Choose a supporting maternity bra during the second trimester of pregnancy. By the time you are into 36 weeks or so, go for a nursing bra that you can use during your lactating days.

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What If You Don’t Get The Right One?

Don’t be stingy while buying a maternity bra. An unfit and inappropriate maternity bra might lead to plugged ducts, mastitis and back pain. So, don’t take chances. Either opt for the best available fitting maternity bra or you can even customize one for yourself through online nursing bra manufacturers. (9)

Enjoy your pregnancy in a maternity bra and stay away from fears of a sagging breast. Hope you got a clear idea on when to start wearing maternity bras. How did you choose the right maternity bra for your pregnancy? Let us know too.

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