Is Breast Milk Effective To Treat Acne In Babies?

Acne In Babies

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Are you finding the pimples on your baby’s skin alarming? Do you know that acne does not only strike adolescents but can affect babies too?

The appearance of pimples and acne peaks when your baby is in the 3rd or 4th week. The problem may disappear once your tiny tot is six months old. So, do not fret over his breakouts, as there are simple ways to fix your baby’s acne problem. Do you know that your breast milk can act as a magic potion and erase all the blemishes from your baby’s skin? Learn more about the causes and treatment for acne in babies in this article.

Take A Closer Look At Baby’s Acne:

Before getting into what you can do about the outbreaks, let us look at its causes. Do you know that you may have passed on your acne to your little one?

  • Acne may appear as red bumps on your infant’s chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. He might at times develop acne on other parts of his body as well.
  • The hormones cross the placenta and reach your baby during delivery. It may ir
    ritate your baby’s skin and cause an outbreak of acne.
  • The problem may aggravate when he is warm or is crying.
  • Serious breakouts can also be the result of harsh detergents used to wash his blankets and clothes.
  • Harsh pollutants, chemicals and irritants can further aggravate the pimples on your baby’s delicate skin.

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Breast Milk To Treat Baby Acne:

Now that you know it is common for babies to develop acne, you can look at the possible treatment measures. Breast milk has plenty of medicinal benefits. It is also highly effective for treating acne in babies. Here is how breast milk on baby acne can work wonders for skin:

  • Breast milk contains Omega-3 fatty acids, glyconutrients, white blood cells and lauric acid that help with the exfoliation process. According to the American researchers, lauric acid is also present in coconut that has acne-healing properties.
  • Your milk has antibacterial properties that can treat the germs causing acne.
  • You can pump some milk in your hand and apply on his affected areas.
  • You need to dab your milk on the affected area twice daily. You will see visible results in less than six weeks.
  • It is common knowledge that you should not expose your little one to chemicals. Therefore, this natural procedure is highly effective with no side effects at all.

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Breastmilk And Baby Acne – Other Important Considerations:

Apart from applying your milk on his outbreaks, here are some other important considerations that you must keep in mind when using breast milk for baby acne:

  • Make sure his clothes are clean. Cotton is the best fabric for baby clothes.
  • Your baby must drink plenty of water. It speeds up the skin renewal process.
  • Remove the cap your baby may be wearing, as it may be aggravating his skin problems.
  • Ensure proper hygiene and keep his hands clean.

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If the problem of acne continues, consult a doctor. The doctor may prescribe a mild topical cream to treat your baby’s acne.

In case, the acne in your baby resembles a rash, he might be suffering from another skin condition known as eczema. In this case, you need to get in touch with your doctor and follow the specific treatment procedure he suggests.

We hope the article helps your baby get rid of his acne. Please share with us any home remedies of using breast milk to treat baby acne and skin related issues for babies.

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