4 Effective Tips To Safeguard Your Baby From Passive Smoke

Effect Of Smoking On Baby

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From the time you were carrying, you would have heard it a zillion times that smoking is not good for pregnant women as it causes harm to the growth of the baby. Well, that fact stands true; however, there is a sizeable impact of smoking on a baby after birth as well.

Let’s now understand how does smoking affect babies.

5 Harmful Effects Of Smoking On Babies:

The “sidestream smoke” has a health impact on the babies to a large extent. This kind of smoke is emitted from the end of burning cigarettes, that babies come in contact, when their parents or people around them smoke.

Here are 5 harmful effects of smoking on babies, you should be aware of to take care of your baby:

1. Asthma: Your baby might develop breathing difficulties which may ultimately develop into asthma. Any breathing ailment makes it difficult for babies to have an active life, filled with physical activities. Thus, his or her quality of life will be affected long-term.

2. Bronchitis: Secondhand or sidestream smoke can lay the seeds of bronchitis in your baby. This will eventually lead to the accumulation of cough in his lungs thereby creating blockages.

3. Meningitis: This is the upper respiratory tract infection that can cause common cold and fever often. This might make it difficult for your baby to stay healthy.

4. Croup: Inflammation of the vocal cord and the windpipe might be caused if your baby is exposed to secondhand smoke.

5. Ear Infections: Another very common health hazard seen in babies exposed to smoke is development of ear infections. These might create pus in his ears and can cause a lot of irritation.

In addition, sidestream smoke (or passive smoke) gets collected in the furniture, clothing, carpet and other accessories in the house. This increases the chances of passive smoke-related health hazards for your baby, as he or she might be exposed to smoke even after the parent or the relative finishes smoking.

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Other Complications Associated With Smoking:

There are several other concerns that can affect your baby negatively due to smoking habits of people around him or her. Here are they:

  • The risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) due to impairment of breathing and sudden slowdown of heart rate is high.
  • Your baby becomes susceptible to other threatening diseases like leukemia and cancer as his immune system tends to be impacted negatively by the smoke.

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  • Your baby might experience a weakened sense of smell.
  • Exposure to smoke might impact the steady weight gain of your child.
  • Your baby find develop behavioral problems and it might also impact the pace of learning if your baby is constantly exposed to smoke.
  • There can be early onset of tooth decay in your baby due to the exposure to smoke.

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4 Effective Tips To Safeguard Your Baby From Secondhand Smoke:

You as a parent must make life for your baby absolutely devoid of secondhand smoke. Here are some tips:

1. Practice a strict “No Smoking” rule for your family. If you or your spouse practice smoking, this is the time to quit. If you need help quitting, please visit the nearest addiction counselor as soon as possible.

2. Ensure that your baby does not come in contact with anyone who smokes. A lot of guests may come to see your newborn, and be very firm in not allowing a smoker near your baby.

3. Monitor that no one smokes in the car in which your baby travels.

4. Avoid taking your baby to those houses and certain public places where smoking is prevalent.

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Most adults tend to think that passive smoking do not impact babies. That is grossly untrue! Any form of harmful smoke around babies will have an impact on their health. Nicotine smoke and flavour is extremely harmful for humans, be it an adult or a baby.

We hope by now you might have understood how smoking affects your baby and helps you create a smoke-free life for your baby.

Moms, please do share your experiences and best practices on how to control effects of smoking on baby in your home or outside with the other moms in this forum.

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