Strep Throat In Children - 4 Symptoms & 5 Treatments You Should Be Aware Of

Strep-Throat-In-Children 4 Symptoms

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Does your child cough repeatedly? Does he have a disturbed sleep because of it? Chances are that he could be suffering with a condition called strep throat. Strep throat is not similar to sore throat. However, a sore throat is one of the symptoms of this disease common among children. It rarely affects adults. It is in children that the illness is prevalent.

What Is Strep Throat?

Strep throat, also called streptococcal sore throat, is an illness which affects the child’s pharynx, larynx and tonsils.

What Cause Strep Throat?

It is caused by the group A β-hemolytic streptococcus, a type of bacteria. The bacteria spread easily from one person to another, making strep throat a contagious disease.

Symptoms For Strep Throat In Kids:

The symptoms become visible within 5 days from when your child has been exposed to the strep bacteria. These are the following strep throat in children symptoms:

  1. Swollen and tender lumps on the sides of the jaw.
  2. Pain in throat while swallowin
  3. Yellow or white patches at the back of the throat.
  4. Headache and fever.

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How The Disease Spreads?

Anyone can fall prey to a strep throat, though the fact remains that it is mostly common among children. Children fall sick with strep throat usually when they start attending school. The chances of developing strep throat increases:

  • Usually strep throat affects throat and nose. The bacteria get transmitted through touch, sneezing and coughing.
  • In extreme cases, strep throat may continue for 3 weeks.

Thus, it is important that you teach your child the importance of washing hands to lessen the chances of developing the contagious disease.

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Diagnosis Of Strep Throat In Children:

If the child suffers from strep throat or shows symptoms related to it, you must visit a doctor. It is imperative that you do not mistake strep throat to be some normal cough problem.

  • The doctor might ask you to get a rapid strep test. Usually, the doctor uses a cotton swab to take samples from the affected child’s throat. The process takes about 5 minutes.
  • If the test shows positive result then strep throat is confirmed. In case of negative result, the sample is sent for a throat culture. The process takes around a few days.

Treatment Of Strep Throat:

Doctors in most of the cases offer antibiotics to treat the child’s throat.

  1. Fever in the child reduces within 24 hours after taking the medication.
  2. Symptoms start fading away from the second or third day.
  3. Dose of antibiotics should continue even if the child feels better. Chances of the bacteria returning to the throat remains if the medication suddenly stops.
  4. The child must cover the mouth when sneezing or coughing.
  5. Give the child a new toothbrush to use once the dose of antibiotics is over.

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When Must You Seek Immediate Help?

In cases of the following symptoms, consult the doctor immediately:

  • If the signs and symptoms continue for more than a week.
  • If the child develops rashes that are itchy in nature.
  • If the child is seen tugging the ears in pain.
  • If the child finds it difficult to swallow.
  • If the child’s fingernails or lips turn blue in color.

Discuss the treatment options with the doctor. Tell us how you cared for your child when he suffered from strep throat in the comment section below.

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