5 Effective Home Remedies To Cure Back Pain In Children

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It is a common assumption that back pain occurs only in those who have crossed a certain age.

In reality, the scenario of children suffering from back pain is becoming quite common these days. The blame can be put either on the heavy and overweight school bags or a hyperactive life.

Ideally, instances of lower back pain in children should not be ignored. More often than not, your child may suffer from temporary back pain and sprain and recover fast. But in rare circumstances the back pain can be a severe medical condition which could be risky.

Back Pain In Children According To Age:

Normally, your child’s activity changes in accordance to the age. If your child is in the age group of 5-10 years, he will be less aggressively activity-oriented as compared to those above 10 years of age. So, when your child complains of back pain, it requires serious medical diagnosis.

1. Children Below 10 Years:

If your child is less than 10 years, there are less chances of him indulgi

ng in activities that put stress on his spine.

  • Even if he faces any discomfort or pain, it is always short lived.
  • If you find that he is complaining of back pain despite any injury, there are chances of spine tumor or infection. This requires proper medical attention.

2. Children Above 10 years:

If your child is above 10 years, he must be aggressively involved in sports and other activities which can harm the spine and cause back pain.

  • In this age there are more chances of him facing compressional fractures, disc injuries, joint pains and injuries of vertebral bones, causing severe back pain.
  • Immediate medical treatment becomes necessary in such circumstances.

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Causes Of Back Pain In Children:

Back pain in children, both upper as well as lower back, can occur because of the below mentioned reasons:

1. Poor body postures like slumping or slouching while sitting or standing.

2. Playing sports which puts excessive strain on muscles, pressure on the ligaments or causes injury to spine.

3. Falling on back or getting hit or severe injury on the back.

4. Lifting something excessively heavy which leads to disc dislocation.

5. Getting sudden jolts like in a car accident.

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Symptoms Of Back Pain In Children:

If your child suffers from any back injury then he will show the following symptoms:

1. When they complain of aching in the back muscles.

2. Sometimes it can also be sharp or hurting feeling in the back.

3. Unable to bend or continue daily activities like before.

Treatment For Back Pain In Children:

If your child is suffering from back pain which is not of a severe nature, you can try initial remedies at home. If your child does not show any improvement in condition, then it is always advisable to meet the doctor immediately.

1. Over The Counter Medication:

  • You can let your child have painkillers or medications which are considered safe by doctors.
  • You can use relieving spray and ointments in case of muscle pull or strain.

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2. Heat Bag:

  • Heat bag can be relieving and can be kept on the area where your child is feeling pain.
  • Apart from this you can also use hot water bottle or a heating pad. When you use such equipment be sure to keep the temperature in control and avoid burning the skin.

3. Muscle Stretching & Strengthening:

  • Once the initial pain has subsided, you should try and help your child do some stretching exercise.
  • This will ensure that his muscles gain some strength to make the body retain its normal activity.

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4. Do Not Support Complete Inactivity:

  • Usually complete bed rest is not supported under such circumstances and your child should be active.
  • Ensure he does not undergo any over-exertion though.

We hope the above information will help you in getting an idea of how to help your children with back pain.

Do share with us some important insights relating to back pain and how you helped your child.

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