4 Causes & 4 Treatments For Psoriasis In Children

psoriasis in kids

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Does your kid suffer from Psoriasis? Do not worry, as this is curable and needs your patience and love towards your child. Here in this article we give a small guide on how to deal with this issue.

What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis refers to a skin disorder that is associated with irregularities in the immune system.

  • Normal skin matures and sheds within 28 days to 30 days. In case of psoriasis, it takes around three to four days for the skin to mature.
  • For those suffering from psoriasis, rather than shedding off, the skin piles up and develop lesions.
  • The problems in the immune system results the skin cells to reproduce very fast.

You may notice skin of your child turning red because of blood flow.

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Causes Behind Psoriasis In Children Or Kids:

While the exact cause behind psoriasis has not yet being ascertained, it is said to have a genetic component. Doctors suggest that the immune system is triggered by mistake, which results

in speedy development of skin cells. Here we shall look into some of the probable causes:

  • There are certain steps involved in formation of psoriasis. Your child needs to get combination of genes that work together.
  • Your child must be exposed to some of the conditions that trigger his combination of genes for the disease to develop.
  • Doctors have not yet being able to ascertain the triggers. However, certain stress and infection are considered potential triggers.
  • If any one of you are suffering from this disease, the chances of your child contracting the same increases by 10%. However, only 2% to 3% of children develop this disease.

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Triggers Of Psoriasis In Children:

Symptoms of psoriasis surface once triggered by some events like throat infection from streptococcal bacteria. Here we shall take a closer look:

  • Psoriasis of this type is known as raindrop psoriasis or guttate psoriasis.
  • The name has been given as it manifests itself in the form of scaly droplet like patches.
  • You may find development of scaly red patches on the skin of your child.
  • The soles and palms are generally not affected.

How Does A Psoriasis Children Look Like?

Babies may develop psoriasis in their nappy area. Here are some of the symptoms of psoriasis in children you must watch for:

  • Redness in the nappy area.
  • Weeping rash.
  • Psoriasis Plaques.

Children developing psoriasis in the nappy area do not have any chances of developing psoriasis of any other type later in their life.

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Treatment For Psoriasis In Children:

The treatment procedures followed for adults and children are same. However, the doses tend to differ and products suggested are exclusively for children.

Here is how the treatment procedure is followed:

  • Doctors suggest topical medicines, as they tend to be the safest option. They may use systemic treatments or UV lights.
  • Therapeutic needs of your child may be different from others. Your doctor will take a decision after weighing the benefits and potential risk factors involved in a treatment solution.
  • Once you and your doctor have agreed upon the treatment procedure, you need to follow through even though you might feel frustrated at times.
  • For medicines to be effective, it is important that you follow instructions.

Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor:

If you have concerns, make sure your doctor answers them. Here are list of questions you must ask:

  • Ask about long and short term effects of treatments you should follow.
  • If you feel you would not want your child to continue with a treatment because it is too distressing or unacceptable for your child, complicated and time consuming, discuss it with your doctor.
  • Look for a treatment program that suits you as well as your child. Alternative medicine also has a good success rate.
  • You can ask your doctor about alternatives that you feel is cosmetically lot more acceptable.

Psoriasis is an uncomfortable condition to have, but it is treatable. You must be patient in course of the treatment procedure. Good compliance shall ensure good results at the end of the treatment.

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Moms, did you find the information useful? Share with us if your child suffered from skin rashes of any kind in the comment section below.

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