3 Effective Tips To Treat Burns In Children

burns in children

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Fire has always struck fear in the concerned parent’s heart. However cautious you are, it takes but just one unfortunate moment for your child to go unnoticed and the tragedy to strike.

Your first reaction when you see you child either burnt or scalded can be the one of frantic panic, but at this point you should remain active and alert and give him the necessary first aid. In case of severe burns, apart from calling doctor, immediate home remedy is equally important.

Severity Of Burns In Children:

Children have delicate skin and it can be difficult for them to bear the pain of burns. Although all burns are painful, they can be of different severity. You can divide burns into three main categories.

1. First-Degree Burns:

This is the least harmful burn which might get healed on its own in a few days. Apart from initial pain, it does not cause much discomfort or any long-lasting damage.

  • In this kind of burn only the outermost layer of the skin gets affected.
  • You may find that the affected area has become either red or swollen.

2. Second-Degree Burns:

These burns are more painful as compared to the first degree of burns and there is always a burning sensation under your skin.

  • Here the outermost a well as the second layer of the skin gets affected.
  • The affected area also becomes patchy red and there will be blisters on the skin along with swelling.

3. Third-Degree Burns:

This one is the most dangerous and harmful level of burn where there are more chances of infection or other ailments Here all the layers of skin and the underlying tissues get damaged.

  • There might be swollen skin, and the wound might look either black or white or charred.
  • The pain might be absent to an extent as the skin gets damaged entirely and becomes numb.

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How To Treat Burns In Children?

Right treatment at right time can help in healing the wound easier and earlier. So follow the following remedies in case of first and second degree burns

1. Let The Affected Skin Be Cool:

The first thing to do after your child gets burnt is to cool the burnt area.

  • Let the burnt skin remain under tap water or soaked in water for at least 15 minutes. Due to this, the swelling will reduce to a lot of extent.
  • The next alternative is to use cold compress. Take a cloth, soak it in water and tap it on the wound. You may have to repeat this if the cloth dries off.
  • Remember, in no case you should use ice on the wound as there are many ill side-effects of using it. Water is the best first aid treatment.

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2. Remove Any Burned Clothing On Your Child’s Body:

Once you have made the burnt area cool by keeping under water, try to remove the burned clothing

  • When there is a burnt sleeve or pant, remove it and let the area breathe.
  • If you find that the cloth is stuck to the wound, do not try to pull it. It is better to cut the cloth around the wound and let the sticky portion remain.
  • Also, be cautious as to not break any blisters while removing the clothing.

3. Cover the Burn With Sterilized Band Aid:

After the wound is soaked in water for the prescribed time, it is now important to cover the wound.

  • Do not cover it with cotton as it might stick the wound. You can tie a bandage
  • Also the bandage should be loosely tied so as not to break the blisters and also allow air circulation. It will also help in reducing the pain.

These three are the important steps for minor category of treating burns in children. If required, you can also provide over the counter pain reliever to your child or contact pediatrician for directions on medicine.

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In Case of Third-Degree Burns:

When the burn is largely of third degree or large second degree then you should contact the doctor immediately (without stopping to give any of the steps mentioned above). Meanwhile, you can keep your child covered in a blanket or bandages.

It is essential to take all necessary steps to avoid any tragedy, but if it occurs then please follow the necessary guidelines to heal the wound. If you know other burn treatment for children then do share with us.

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