10 Activities To Help Your Kid Develop Fine Motor Skills

Activities To Develop Your Kid

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Development of motor skills is very important for children. We are sure as parents you would not want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to developing the motor skills of your little one.

A well planned and a thoughtful approach will help you know how to help a child with poor fine motor skills.

Top 10 Fun Fine Motor Skills Activities For Kids:

The activities that you plan for your preschooler will go a long way in ensuring that the motor skills and the development of fingers, hands, wrists, legs, etc., are all on the right track.

Here are our suggestions for fine motor skills for kids:

1. Fun With Play Dough:

Fun With Play Dough

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Playing with the play dough can never go wrong! The play dough is soft to squeeze but is strong enough to give enough exercise to the fingers of your little one.

  • Stretching and squeezing the play dough strengthens the hands, wrists and fingers of your kid.
  • Also, making different shapes with the play dough develops your kid’s s
    ensory experience.

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2. Stack Up The Common Color:

Stack Up The Common Color

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You can have different objects like buttons, balls, blocks, rings, etc., of different colors in a box. You can then ask your little one to collect the objects of the same color in a different box.

  • Give your kid as many boxes as you like so that your kid can have fun collecting and storing all objects of a particular color in a single box.
  • This will give your child enough exercise to develop his or her motor skills and will also help him understand the exercise of grouping.

3. Draw With Crayons:

Draw With Crayons

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Give your child some small crayons or broken crayons and a plain sheet of paper with some blocks or shapes drawn on it.

  • Now, guide your child to color the blocks or shapes as per their wish.
  • The activity will help your child to understand strokes and colors better.

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4. Pull Out The Stickers:

Pull Out The Stickers

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Have a large sheet of different forms of stickers on it. Also have a plain chart paper with you.

  • You can ask your little one to pull out the stickers from the sheet and to paste it on a the plain chart paper.
  • Pulling out the stickers is usually fun for kids.

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5. Homemade Tweezers:

Homemade Tweezers

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This is fun exercise and helps in developing the motor skills of your kid. Give your kid a straw and show him the way to make tweezers.

  • You can do so by bending the straw into half and add a tape to hold it by securing the top edge of the straw where it is bent.
  • Though this will not be a robust tweezer, working on it is going to be enjoyable for your little one!

6. Fun With Paper Dolls:

Fun With Paper Dolls

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You can always teach your kid to make some paper dolls. It’s easy, fun and helps in enhancing the creativity and the motor skills of your kid.

  • You can have your child make paper dolls of animals or plants or any other objects.
  • Coloring the paper dolls with water colors is going to be a lot of fun for your little one.

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7. Make A Necklace Of Your Choice:

Make A Necklace Of Your Choice

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Give some colorful beads to your kid along with a long string with a knot on one end.

  • Your child can insert some beads into the string and make a necklace out of it. The knot on one end will ensure that the beads do not fall off.
  • Once your kid is done putting the beads in the string, you can show the necklace to your kid. Kids just love to see what they have accomplished.

8. Weaving Around A Card Board:

Weaving Around A Card Board

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Give your child a soft cardboard and help her weave around it. It helps in strengthening the hands and the fingers of the kid.

  • You can cut a cardboard in the shape your tot likes. For instance, you can cut out a soft cardboard in the shape of a heart or a circle.
  • Cut out the middle of the cardboard so that there is a blank space in the middle; now, your darling can weave around the edges, with the help of a blunt needle and thread.

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9. Finger Painting:

Finger Painting

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Children have fun in making colorful paintings with their fingers and enjoy a lot with the colors.

  • Give your kid an empty chart paper and some colors that she can put on her fingers.
  • Let her then lay her fingerprints on the drawing book or the chart paper and have fun as she draws images of her own imagination.

10. Paper Cutting:

Paper Cutting

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Draw a particular shape of an object on the paper and ask your child to cut it along the borders of the drawing.

  • Teach your child to use blunt scissors and ask her to cut different shapes from a piece of paper.
  • Let your child place the paper cuttings on a table or arrange them as per her wish; this helps in developing her thinking capability and motor skills.

So indulge in the above-mentioned activities with your child and watch them develop their motor skills. You can also share any other fine motor skills activities for kids that you know with the other moms in this forum. Happy playing!

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