10 Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

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Kids today live in an automated world and therefore there entertainment gets limited with indoor activities. An average kid spends 30 minutes outside while several hours in front of computer screen or television.

As a parent you should know that lack of physical activity can affect mental and physical growth of your child. Outdoor activities are not only fun but healthy too! So what are you waiting for, scoot your child outside!

Our List Of Top 10 Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids:

Whether they love to roll on mud, or play hopscotch, we have plenty of ideas to drag your kids out from the room. Here are 10 kids outdoor activities which would chase the bored blues away and keep your child active. Most of these activities are inexpensive and your kids can help you in setting up with their wildest imagination.

1. Painting:


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Painting gives your child an exposure towards art. There are many ways you can make your child’s painting experience fun.

  • Buy some spray bottle, and add some washable paint to it. Ask your child to get creative and wild with his imagination on a large poster board.
  • Let your child go for a nature hunt, with his friends if he wants, and paint his findings.

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2. Gardening:


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Gardening is a great way to develop new skills. They can learn about plants, flowers, insects, etc.

  • Make your kid build an organic garden for herself. Let your kid do the work from the start – planting, watering and weed pulling – all by himself or herself.
  • Help your child to make a garden with bright color flowers, to give it a beautiful rainbow look.

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3. Car Race:

Car Race

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You can fuel your kid’s mind and ignite his or her inner speed racer with a race track in your backyard.

  • Draw race tracks in your backyard and ask your kid to race all the cars he got. Add little tunnels too!
  • A little obstacle in the middle of the race track can make the race more exciting.
  • This way your child enjoys outdoor as well as learn more about cars. Don’t forget to share interesting facts about cars with your darling!

4. Football:


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Keep your kid engaged with this fabulous game. This outdoor game can be played depending upon the age of the participants.

  • Parents should keep a watch on their kids while they engage themselves in kicking and catching the football, so that your kids do not get injured.
  • Football provides a great way to keep children physically fit and strong.

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5. Bridge Ball:

Bridge Ball

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This is another interesting outdoor activity for kids, which you can play too! Here how it is played:

  • The target of the game is to pass the ball between the legs of an individual. Players are required to stand in a circle with wide straddle steps and hand on knees.
  • The ball would be thrown between legs of any player, before it passes through, players need to stop it.
  • Each time it passes through, a point is scored by the opponent. Remember, players must keep their hands on knees.

6. Hide The Ball:

Hide The Ball

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This game requires a small ping-pong ball. One player will hide the ball and return back to the game spot.

  • Others need to search the ball. If a player is close to the ball, the person needs to say “close” and if he is moving far, it should be said “far”.
  • The person that finds the ball will be the next to hide it.

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