Top 24 Exciting Halloween Crafts For Your Kids

Halloween Crafts

Halloween is a great way to involve your children while ringing in the celebratory mood. Making your child do some Halloween crafts will double up his joy as well as enthusiasm. These crafts are fun to make and your child will truly indulge while showing off his many talents in the process.

24 Exciting Halloween Crafts For Kids:

Here are some fun Halloween craft ideas that your child can make at home under your guidance. Make sure you invest equal participation and spirit while creating these Halloween delights.

1. Halloween Witch Hat:

halloween witch hat

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A witch hat is not only exciting to make, it is also one of the main accessories to flaunt at the Halloween.

  • Draw the shape of a hat on a chart paper.
  • Let your child cut along the lines drawn.
  • Make some extra bows, circles, stripes, spider, etc.
  • Stick the bow on the hat and other cut outs too.
  • Make your little one stick them on the wall.
  • The witch hat along with nocturnal shapes will bring in the Halloween flavor!

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2. Pumpkin With Paper Napkin:

pumpkin with paper napkin

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A pumpkin is an absolute must to signify the spirit of Halloween.

  • Take a paper napkin and cut out the shape of a pumpkin.
  • Trace a thick black outline with a marker.
  • Draw dark little triangles like eyes and a crooked line like a mouth.
  • You can color the full paper napkin orange, keeping the black outline. Alternatively, you can stick the shape elsewhere.

3. Egg Carton Spider:

egg carton spider

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This craft is a definite hit and great for your preschooler. You need an empty egg carton that is usually made of cardboard.

  • Cut one cup out of the egg carton and paint it black inside out.
  • Once the paint dries punch four holes on each side of the cup.
  • Insert thick black threads from one hole to another on the other side.
  • Add a cute round eyes and a smile.
  • The spider is ready.
  • You can make as many spiders as you want and display them everywhere in the house.

4. Shape Monsters:

shape monsters

Via Pinterest

The shape monsters are not only great to look at, they are the easiest to make.

  • Take chart papers of all colors and cut out shapes to make monster faces on them.
  • You can add tiaras, crowns, eyes, tentacles, spikes, etc. to make the monsters look adorable.
  • Do not forget to paint that smile.

5. Homemade Trick Or Treat Bags:

homemade trick or treat bags

Via Pinterest

Your guests will never forget these bags.

  • Make your kids stick the cutout shapes of pumpkins, monsters, brooms, etc. on the gift bags.
  • They can also paint eyes, smiley and whiskers on the shapes.

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6. Witch Broomsticks:

witch broomsticks

Via Pinterest

What is a witch without her broomstick? Your kid will absolutely enjoy making the cute little broomsticks that can be used to adorn the occasion.

  • Take small sticks, preferably twigs from a tree. Gather a lot of dried grass.
  • Gather the grass and bunch it at the end of the stick.
  • Tie a rope to fasten the grass, making a broom.
  • Cut the edge of the broom, leveling the grass.
  • Now keep these broom sticks around the house.

7. Lift The Flap Haunted House:

lift the flap haunted house

Via Pinterest

This craft is sure to bring forth the best of creative abilities within your child. You need a construction paper for this activity.

  • Trace a haunted house on the paper and cut along the edges.
  • Draw the doors and windows on the house.
  • Draw tiny ghosts, pumpkin, etc. on each of the windows.
  • Take another paper and cut out the same shape of windows on them.
  • Stick these like flaps on the windows of the haunted house.
  • Scare the guests by unveiling what’s beneath the flaps. Boo!

8. Black Cat:

black cat

Via Pinterest

A black cat looks wicked enough to symbolize horror.

  • Cut out a shape of a cat face from a black cardboard paper.
  • Take another paper and fold it.
  • Cut along as shown in the picture to make the cat’s body.
  • Add a tail. Stick eyes, earlobes, whiskers, nose and mouth from papers of different colors.
  • Display the black cat in a corner of a room or the porch.

9. Paper Plate Pumpkin:

paper plate pumpkin

Via Pinterest

Invert a paper plate and color it orange.

  • Paint the eyes and the wicked mouth in black to make it look ideal for a Halloween.
  • Make your little one stick small pieces of green paper cut in the shape of stem on top.
  • Your paper plate pumpkin is ready to be decorated on the walls and doors.

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