Top 10 Alice In Wonderland Coloring Pages For Your Little Princess


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“Alice in Wonderland” is one of the most popular stories of all time. It is a kid’s novel written by English author Lewis Carroll. The story is considered as one of the best examples of “literary nonsense” genre.

It is a story about Alice, a little girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a world populated by anthropomorphic creature.

Top 10 Alice In Wonderland Coloring Pages For Kids:

“Alice in Wonderland” characters are extremely popular in the fantasy genre. Here are 10 Alice in wonderland coloring pages free featuring most popular characters from this story.

1. Alice:

Alice is the main protagonist in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”.

  • She is intelligent and a great thinker for a seven year old child.
  • She spends most of her time with her elder sister, taking daily lessons from her.
  • She is extremely brave and loves to venture into unknown places.
  • Alice is caring, loving, gentle and a wildly curious girl.
  • Here again, you can see, Alice peeping through the gate to the Wonderland.

2. The Mad Hatter:

The Hatter, also known as the Mad Hatter is a principle character from this novel.

  • He explains to Alice that he has been trapped in this never-ending tea party.
  • Mad Hatter was sentenced for “murdering time” when he tried singing for the Queen of Hearts at a celebration.
  • The Hatter also appears to be the White King’s messenger.
  • Transform this black and white page into a beautiful page by choosing the right colors.

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3. The Mouse:

The mouse is the first animal that Alice encounters in the wonderland.

  • The mouse, seeing Alice, gets terribly frightened.
  • He was initially reluctant about telling Alice how he landed in the wonderland.
  • It was only after their discussion about cats and dogs that the Mouse tells Alice his story about Fury and the Mouse that foreshadows the trial of the Knave of Heart.
  • This is the image of the mouse coming out of the pool of her own tears.

4. The White Rabbit:

The White Rabbit is the frantic creature who leads Alice to the Wonderland.

  • Alice, while sitting on a riverbank, notices The White Rabbit.
  • Out of curiosity, Alice crawls into the hole, finding herself falling down underneath a hedge.
  • The White Rabbit is quite kind and timid, but can turn aggressive at times.
  • This is an image of the White Rabbit rushing out, wearing a smart waistcoat and holding a pocket watch.

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5. King Of Hearts:

King of Hearts is the timid husband of Queen of Hearts. He is the co-ruler of the Wonderland.

  • The King of Hearts, unlike his wife, is very kind hearted.
  • He secretly pardons most of the subjects that his wife sentences to death. He also saves Alice from the wrath of Queen by reminding her that Alice is only a child.
  • The King of Hearts has a tendency to sleep a lot.
  • This is a picture of the King of Hearts wearing his signature tall crown.

6. The Queen Of Hearts:

The Queen of Hearts is a wicked monarch, who decrees death even at the slightest offense.

  • All the creatures in the Wonderful fear the Queen.
  • She believes in only one way of settling the difficulties, and that is immediate execution.
  • The subjects in her kingdom are punished before they commit a crime and sometimes even when they commit no crime.
  • The Queen does not even listens to her husband and keeps scolding her at the slightest pretext.
  • The Queen is extremely dominating and screams at her subjects all the time. Here in the picture you can see her screaming at someone.

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7. Cheshire Cat:

Cheshire cat is a perpetually grinning cat, who appears and disappears at her own will.

  • Alice first encounters the cat in the Duchess kitchen.
  • The cat asks Alice philosophical question, which baffles and even annoys Alice.
  • This is an adorable picture of the ever-smiling Cheshire cat sitting on the branch of the tree. The only thing the picture is lacking is some color.

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8. March Hare:

The March Hare, also known as Haigha is one of the most important characters in the “Alice in Wonderland”.

  • He is known for his appearance at the tea party.
  • Just like Hatter, March Hare is also compelled to stay in the Wonderland.
  • He has to behave as though it is teatime because of Hatter, who has supposedly “murdered the time” while singing for the Queen of Hearts.
  • March Hare is shown to live in a house shaped as the head of the hare. He takes extreme pleasure in frustrating Alice.

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9. The Caterpillar:

The Caterpillar is a three inches long, hookah-smoking creature of the Wonderland.

  • Alice was initially not very fond of caterpillar. They did not immediately talk, and when he did, it was usually in an extremely rude way.
  • However, he later directs Alice to the magic mushroom that can allow her to shrink and grow.
  • The image shows the Caterpillar sitting on a mushroom and indulging in his favorite pastime- smoking hookah.

10. The Tea Party:

The Tea Party is the highlight of “Alice in the Wonderland”.

  • The Tea Party in the Wonderland is characterized by switching places on the table, making personal remarks, asking unanswerable riddles and reciting nonsensical poetries.
  • The tea table is set out under a tree in front of the house, as you can see in the image.
  • March Hare, Hatter and Alice are happily having tea at the table.

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These Alice in wonderland coloring pages printable will surely bring a smile on your kid’s face. Print out these Alice in wonderland coloring sheets so that your kids can paint them with watercolor or crayons during their holidays.