5 Basic Questions You Need To Ask While Interviewing A Nanny

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As a parent, one of your biggest responsibilities is to ensure your child’s safety and health. While you may already be doing so, there will be times when you decide to keep your child in others’ supervision.

Hiring a nanny is a challenge that most parents are wary of. If you are looking to interview someone who will be looking after your child in your absence, it is important that you do a thorough job.

Nanny Interview Questions Checklist – You Need To Ask While Interviewing A Nanny:

Before you actually meet the person you are looking to hire, it is important that you sit down and understand what exactly it is you are looking for. Consider points like work hours, what days of the week you want the nanny to be present, what the job profile will entail, are there any added responsibilities and such. This will help you ask the right questions.

There are many parameters you should be looking at while asking these questions. These can be divided into the following categories


Background check

Job related

Personality related

Compatibility with your lifestyle

Now let’s take a look at the questions to ask when interviewing a nanny.

1. Background Check:

These questions will help you understand why the candidate has chosen this particular profession and what she thinks about it.

  • Why did you want to be a nanny?
  • What is your educational qualification?
  • Are you trained in any basic medical courses?
  • Do you know how to administer CPR to kids?
  • What age group are you most comfortable to work with?
  • How would you handle a situation if the child got sick or there is some crisis while you are alone with the child?

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2. Job Related:

These interview questions for a nanny will help you understand the role she had in her previous jobs.

  • How long have you worked as a nanny
  • How many children have you cared for
  • How old were they
  • Where are you currently working and what are you expected to do
  • Why are you leaving your current employer
  • Have you handled an emergency situation while at work
  • What is the toughest situation you have faced while working with children
  • How do you discipline children when you are at work
  • What kind of activities will you involve my child in
  • Can you change your work time as per need
  • Can you stay over if needed
  • Can you travel with the child or family if needed
  • Are you comfortable with pets
  • Will you be able to cook if needed
  • Do you know how to swim
  • How will you commute
  • How far do you live
  • At what short notice can you come over to work
  • Can you watch over multiple children (for play dates and group outings)
  • Any particular issues you would like to bring up before taking up the job

3. Personality Related:

These questions for nanny interview will give you an idea into how the candidate views the profile she is going to be in.

  • What are the most important qualities in a nanny
  • What do you like and dislike about being a nanny
  • What help or support do you need from parents while handling children
  • Any particular tactics that have helped while caring for children
  • Do you prefer a set routine or are you comfortable with day to day changes too

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4. Compatibility With Your Lifestyle:

Just as you want you and your children to be comfortable, you also need to ensure the person you are hiring is well aware of your lifestyle and viewpoints.

  • Here are a few things you should discuss:
  • Any dietary restrictions, veg or non-veg preference or aversion
  • Any particular religious beliefs
  • Any medication or medical requirements
  • Any particular disciplinary rules that is followed at home

5. Compulsory Questions:

In addition to the above, here are a few things you should definitely ask for:

  • Age proof
  • Residence proof
  • Any official registration with any nanny service company
  • Police verification
  • Medical certificate

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These are some of the major interview questions for nanny. Based on your child and your preferences and needs, feel free to add more questions to this list.

Moms, have you hired a nanny for your child? Do share the kind of things you asked so that it helps other mommies too.

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