29 Tips To Help You Become A Better Parent

Become Better Parent

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Becoming parents is one of the most fulfilling experiences a couple can ever have. On the other hand, playing the role of parent is not an easy job. There are several times when you may feel you have failed completely as a parent. But all these ups and downs are a part of being ‘parent’.

A healthy relationship between you and your child is significantly important as it decides your child’s further actions in life. If a child shares good relations with his or her parents, then it is implied that he/she will trust, respect and obey them. On the contrary, if the child has strained relationship with his parents, he/she is more likely to ignore their opinions and may remain distrustful.

29 Tips On How To Be A Good Parent:

The subject of parenting is researched upon highly. There is no standard rule for parenting, nor such set criteria to know how to be good parents. Nevertheless, there is no harm in learning and improving over the period.

Try our 29 best parenting tips on how

to become a good parent which could go a long way:

1. Your Child-Your Source of Pride:

You should always be grateful for having your child. It is imperative to know that there are so many people who may not have the opportunity of having this privilege. They might exchange anything in their life to become a parent. So feel good and happy that god has chosen you to embrace this wonderful gift. Feel fortunate and make your child feel the same. Never regret having a child nor make your kid sense such feelings.

2. Never Ever Compare:

It is a crime to compare your children with anyone. Be it their friends, siblings, cousins or even peers. One should understand that every child is unique and special. A child can have his/her own dreams and ambitions and it is the duty of parents to respect their aspirations. If a child is treated inferior in comparison to others, he/she gradually becomes a victim of inferiority complex and loses self-confidence. Thus it is important to accept your children as they are and let them pursue their dreams and interests the way they want.

3. Never Pronounce Harsh Punishment:

A child is not a child, if he does not commit mistakes or make mischief. This does not mean that you have to always show a blind eye to all their mistakes. But the idea is that the punishment or reaction should be just as fair and reasonable. Under no circumstances should you subject your child to physical violence. Apart from losing their respect, hitting children can make them more violent. He/she will start beating others or become more aggressive in their dealings. Always look for other options to teach your child lessons on good morale, but never resort to physical abuse.

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4. Use Natural Consequences To Make Them Understand:

How much ever you feel like scolding, threatening or punishing your children for their mistakes, they will never understand their folly. The best way to make them learn is through natural consequences. If a child is not keeping his/her room clean, instead of scolding or abusing, one should let the natural consequences prevail. As he continues such behaviour, his things will get lost, making his life difficult. Then he will realise the importance of having a clean room. Though this option takes time but the lesson learnt will be much more effective.

5. Be a Parent When You Have To:

It is said that one should be like a friend to your child. But this should never stop you from being a parent. As a parent you should not ignore their mistakes or overlook their wrong decisions. Just like a parent does, you should guide them about what is wrong and what is right. Don’t be afraid that if you reprimand your child, he/she might get angry with you. It is better to handle that temporary anger than handle a child who has gone a wrong way. Thus, if situation demands, you should be strict.

6. Remember How Old Your Child Is:

It is essential that you change your parenting style as and when your child grows older. It is a mishap if you treat your teenage child as a toddler. Helicopter parenting is good when your child is an infant, but if you continue this when he gets older; it is surely going to backfire. With increase in age, every child urges for independence. As a parent don’t overlook this need of your child and give appropriate space. Even though it is difficult for parents to change their way of caring and loving their child, but age-appropriate parenting is the need of the hour.

7. Don’t Rely Too Much On Others Ideas:

Once you become a parent, everybody will be ready to give you all kinds of advices and unwanted suggestions. But this does not mean that you follow whatever is told to you. The best is to understand that each family has their own story and completely different conditions. What worked for their child might not work for yours. You can always listen what others have to say, but apply it on your family only if the suggestions and conditions are favorable. You know your children best and you are the best person to judge what is right and what is wrong for them.


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