10 Useful Tips For Preparing Your Child For School

prepare your child for school

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Preparing your child for a school is a big milestone for you as well as for your kid. It is perfectly normal for every parent to worry about their child adjusting to this big change.

Parents want their kid to do well in school and it all starts with learning at an early stage of childhood. You have to begin with providing various kinds of experiences that will help your child to enter the school with confidence.

How To Prepare Your Child For School?

Your kid’s learning experience in preschool or kindergarten will be more effective, if he or she is well prepared to start learning. Some skills like academic knowledge, communication, independence and social skills refer to ‘school readiness’. Kids can achieve school readiness when parents spend time with them, talk to them and play with them. It all starts at home and it is never too early to start these practices at home.

Importance Of Communication Skills:

A kid will learn some basic communication skills like listening

and speaking in preschool as these are the first steps to reading and writing. A kid will communicate his thoughts and understanding about the world around him through speaking. So, to ensure that your child is able to communicate his feelings and thoughts in school, you must:

  • Converse with your kid regularly.
  • Cheer up your kid to listen to others and respond to them.
  • Respond to your kid’s questions, even if your reply is ‘no’.
  • Strengthen your kid’s vocabulary and use new words while speaking.
  • Explore language by rhyming, singing and chanting.
  • Assist your kid to dictate letters to other members in the family.

10 Tips For Preparing Your Child For School:

The following strategies can help you ensure that your kid is equipped to start his school career now. Teach your kid in informal and casual manner so that your kid will pick up these habits without knowing that he is being taught.

1. Associate With The School:

You must visit the school with your kid before the start of the academic year. This way, you can familiarize your kid with the idea of route, building and school surroundings.

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2. Begin Routine Early:

A week before school starts, begin the routine that is going to be your child’s typical day, such as making him go to bed early, waking him up at the same time in morning and having breakfast at the right time.

3. Assist Early Literacy:

Get books for your little one and read to him every day. As he grows older, ask him to read to you. Some pictures book like animals, birds, vehicles and body parts along with alphabet books would be best for kids in early age.

4. Instil Habit Of Sharing:

Make your kid understand the meaning of caring and sharing, such as the benefits of sharing and waiting for his turn, because this is what school is all about. Discourage habit of biting, hitting screaming and other negative behaviors.

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5. Encourage Kids To Dress Themselves:

Kids have to become independent as you would not be there for all the activities that will happen in the school. So, begin this practice at home by asking him to take out his boots, socks and jackets.

6. Educate Importance Of Listening:

Children need excellent listening skills, since it is directly related to their intellectual development. They have to listen to the teacher in class and think about what is being told in the class. So, you should practice it at home with your kid.

7. Encourage Them To Question:

Make your kid confident enough to ask questions in all circumstances. Let your kid know that it is normal to ask the teacher again about something which is hard to understand.

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8. Physical Development:

All work and no play make a child a dull one! Play, and consequently good physical health as important as studies. So, let your kid run, climb, play with ball and strengthen body muscles.

9. Encourage After-School Activities:

You can prioritize various activities of your kid at home like homework, TV times, outdoor play, packing school bag, etc. before their school begins. This will help you in building a daily schedule.

10. Get Involved With Your Kid:

As a parent, you must get involved in activities with their kids. Teach your kid to scribble, read, write, draw, cut and paste. Enjoy solving visual and numerical puzzles with them. Take your kid to grocery store and read about labels on the product and take their help in weighing the products.

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It is very important to offer your kid physical while inculcating these habits. Physical comfort, in the form of gentle hugs, kisses and pats on the backs, will go a long way in assuring your child of your understanding and support. With these tips for preparing your child for school, your kid will not take much time to get settled into the school.

Please share your views with us on how to prepare children for school to help other parents get some information.

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