4th Month Pregnancy Care – What To Expect, Do’s & Dont’s

4 th month pregnancy care

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Congratulations!! You have just completed the first trimester of your pregnancy. This is no small an achievement considering the gamut of discomfort you would have experienced during the third month!

It is now time to move on to the greener pastures. Month 4 is all about newer avenues with some great strings of progress. You are now slowly getting into a more comfortable and confident phase as compared to the grueling first trimester. The discomforts felt during the first three months may not vanish suddenly, but the expanse of the same will be slightly lesser, giving you some breather.

Come month four and you will see a foray of changes happening, both to your body as well as your growing baby. You have officially become a part of the ‘select’ women club – welcome to the world of pregnant moms in the busy waiting room. You will now have a series of appointments with your gynecologist than before.

What To Expect?

Here are some of the changes that will be significantly f

elt during 4 month pregnancy care:

  • You will begin to feel a lot better than you were in the first three months of pregnancy. The morning sickness and dizziness begin to come down significantly at this point in time.
  • Time to wear the maternity clothing. You will easily switch to larger and more comfortable attire as your muscles and skin stretch to accommodate your growing baby.
  • After the first prenatal check up in the third month, you will now be checked up by your gynecologist who will now recommend the first ultrasound scan.
  • After hearing your baby’s heartbeat the previous month, the scan will be a life changing experience for you!
  • You will experience the euphoria of having a baby. Friends and family will now treat you like a queen. Indulge while you can.

Changes In Your Body:

You will experience mixed and significant changes in the way you feel. There is a lot happening inside your womb right now and the physical changes will now get more predominant.

  • You will start feeling sluggish with the frequent urge to go to the bathroom. Blame this on the progesterone hormone that is kicking itself to relax your pelvic muscles.
  • Your uterus will now be the size of a grapefruit. A feeling of heaviness is frequent as your tummy feels mostly full.
  • A significant change seen around your tummy area. You will look rounder with a wider waist and a small pot around your navel.
  • Your breasts look suddenly bigger, rounder and fuller, preparing for the lactation incoming after delivery. You will find your bosom stand out in a conspicuous way due to this.
  • The nausea and dizziness may be lesser than before, but you will continue the same on and off as they come and go.
  • This is the time for ‘sugar drop’. You tend to feel frequently weak and dizzy. You need to slow down while performing reflexes like standing up and sitting down. Try and avoid sudden movements.
  • Contrary to the waging mood swings earlier, you will find yourself more calm and settling this month around. You will slowly sync in with the feeling of well-being than before.
  • Your energy levels are now higher. Try and spend some quality time with your partner while you are at it as the there is a lot of energy shift ahead.

Changes In Your Baby:

A series of massive changes happen in your developing baby. Your little one is no longer a fetus. Your baby will now see some rapid progress.

  • Your baby’s eyes will now shift from the neck to the sides of his head.
  • The neck is getting longer and the chin will be seen prominently during the ultrasound scan.
  • Your baby’s facial features will now start to develop.
  • The unique fingerprints are now formed.
  • Your baby will now begin to external responses. Try poking your bump with finger slightly and feel your baby react with a slight jerk.
  • Your baby’s body is covered with a fine hair called Lanugo. The eyebrows and hair will start growing by the mid month.
  • Your baby will now start sucking his thumb.
  • The baby’s limbs are now functional and moving. His nervous system is now working.

Precautions During Fourth Month Of Pregnancy:

You will now have to take more precautions than before while performing the daily tasks. Below are some pointers in Do’s and Don’ts that you will have to care during 4th month of pregnancy.

a. Do’s:

1. Watch Your Weight:

Please forget the non-substantiated and mythical ‘eat for two’ concept.

  • You have to be mindful more about what you eat and rather than how much.
  • Eating a healthy balanced diet is a must rather than indulging in a roller binge.
  • Excessive eating will not help your baby develop any faster or better. On the contrary, it will only add more kilos to your body after which you will end up putting on unwanted weight.
  • Eating right should be your new mantra.

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